Neuro app went well

Well ive waited 3 months to see my new neuro (old neuro only saw twice ,changed as he was to far to travel ) He took me seriously and i manage to say and tell him everything i wanted to .

He is sending me for a lumber mri ( i had the whole top half done in april ) he is also sending me for a nerve conduction test ? and im having a glucose tolerence blood test tmw .I feel like someone is finally trying to help me find out whats going on at last.

He did mention chronic fatigue syndrome? He said he will keep me updated by letters as to the results and see me once they have all been done .

Im also having a 24 hr holter moniter tmw because of my chest pain and fast pulse and still awaiting stress test apointment .

Hopefully i will have some answers soon

Sam xx

Sounds like a very productive appointment :slight_smile:

Good luck with all the tests - I hope they produce some answers for you :slight_smile:

Karen x

Excellent Sam, it sounds like you’re making progress. Hope the new tests provide some answers.

Good luck