Hi all,

Just a quick post to say that after seeing my wonderful neuro last week, she has done a great job and

i received my MRI with contrast appt this morning! Its for middle july and i must say she said i will get you an appt in 2 week and its in 3 weeks!

I am hopeful that this neuro of mine is holding true to her word and has raised my hopes that she will give me an idea of what i have!

Today it is humid and wet , i am shaky, tingly and my legs are very week and wobbly! it sucks!

also yesterday my right side of my face went numb. It was ok when i woke so i happy its not another symptom to add onto my long long list! It was temporary and its gone now.

I will again let you all know how the MRI with contrast went and keep reading here as it offers no end of sanity to an otherwise very distressing time in limbo!

Sometimes i think i imagining it and then i get a bad day and think…nope its not in my head! How could i possibly be that imaginative! I would never have thought to put numb feet, tingly head and numb vagina all together!!!

LOL have to laugh or i go mad…but on the plus side…i’ve realised what an incredible family and husband i have !

I am truly a lucky lady! so i know that whatever this nut farm of symptoms are, i will be ok regardless!


hi leamills! so glad things are moving forward for you! Limbo sucks! and yes - whayever the outcome you’ll be ok!!! xxxjenxxx