neuro appt

Got my first neuro appt tomorrow and am terrified it’ll all go the proverbial up!! My first ever one with onset of these symptoms was 3 years ago when I was seen for literally 5mins and had nothing done just told my symptoms of burning, word forgetting etc were normal thanks and goodbye. Hoping it won’t be the same this time around (different neuro) I struggled to get to work one day last week as I kept going the wrong way and was getting so upset then when I got there struggled to walk for a bit as it felt like I was walking over a floor of jelly. May cry if I get brushed off again X

It be ok the just take your details and probably send you for a scan don’t expect to much to fast if they take the time keep on their backs take care

I tried to message you earlier but my computer kept losing the page. It was just to wish you luck for tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and not at all like your last appt. I’ll keep an eye out for an update. Just don’t get lost going to the hospital ! :wink:

S xx

Hi Arwen,

Good luck with your neuro appointment tomorrow, hope he/she listens to you and is keen to get you some answers. Make sure you write all your main symptoms down in order of onset and get all your questions answered, there is nothing worse than thinking of a question on the wrong side of the door! If you can i would take a partner or friend with you, never hurts to have an extra pair of ears in the room. Let us know how things go?

Laura x

Fingers crossed you have a better experience tomorrow. I was lucky to see a really lovely neuro and commented to my friend afterwards that he was the first doctor who hadn’t made me feel like an annoying hysterical woman for ages! I hope you’re in Nottingham and you get him! But I don’t expect you to even see this till its too late as all my posts are being held by mods for checking - grrr!!! Xx

Good luck!

Well let’s hope you won’t get brushed off again!!!

Neuro’s vary enormously. Fingers crossed you get a good, caring one this time.

Remember to make a list of the main problems you’re struggling with and any questions you have.

Let us know how it went,

Pat x

Thanks everyone the appt is late this afternoon so will update you all after. Trying to do my list and getting mixed up. What I know for definite was May 2010- burning pain, pins and needles, crawling sensation to leg, mixing words and memory problems. Normal emg sent away by neuro. Around sept my migraine became daily so was given brain mri-normal Saw migraine specialist jan 2011 due to daily pain said previous symptoms likely migraine started meds head became “crystal clear” July 2012 - had period of dizziness and randomly collapsing for a few seconds lasted about 4 weeks February 2013- crawling sensation again but worse, burning pains, pins/needles, wrong words, unable to speak almost like voice is stuck, stumbling and falling unable to tell if surfaces are flat. Mixed in with this are episodes where I have been convinced the bed was shaking it even has woken me. Also times where I have gone from not needing loo to about to wet myself in 2 secs flat and after having a wee I have to sit for a bit as I found if I stood straight up I’d wet myself as hadn’t actually completely emptied bladder. Does that make sense? X