appointment on friday and scary symptoms

Hello everyone I hope you’re all well. Not diagnosed. I have two subjects I wanted to ask about. Firstly I have an appointment at the national hospital of neurology and neuro surgery this friday, has anyone been to this hospital? This will be the third neuro I’m seeing. All my symptoms are so vague and messy I don’t know where to start how to explain them to him. I’ve been told in the past there isn’t any evidence of a nuerological disorder, but I have sensory symptoms all day everyday. Secondly I have had a new symptom of semi numbness on one side of body including inbetween my legs and today while drinking a hot drink I couldn’t feel the heat down my throat! Super scary! Has yone experienced this? I’m so worried that I will wake up one day with no control of my bowles or paralised. Sorry to moan any advice would be appreciated.

Hi !

I don’t know about this hospital except it is a specialist one so you should feel confident they will want to help you get to the bottom of this.

I’d treat this appt like any first appt - don’t worry about your past neuros; tell thi one everything you think he needs to know, including your fears.

Good luck for tomorrow - I hope you get some answers or at least a feeling that things are moving forward.

C xx

Hello. Good luck for tomorrow. I`ve had many neuros foxed with why I cant walk!

Just answer any questions as openly and fully as you can. Are you taking someone with you? I always do as it helps. They can recall what is said, as we can forget when we are nervous.

Let us know how it goes, yeh?

luv Pollx