Hooray....a lovely Neuro!

Well, just got back from my first Neuro appointment, and I have to say he was absolutely lovely, so I’m feeling very lucky right now!

However, due to the nature of my MRI result, he is primarily a Vascular Neurologist who deals mainly with stroke patients. Having said that, he did sit and listen to me and took me seriously, and did do some basic Neuro tests. He has ordered a barrage of tests to rule out any ischemic issues, as he said the spots on my brain could be indicative of very tiny strokes (gulp!), but he doesn’t think they are. I am now having my heart and bloodflow checked to within an inch of their lives via various tests, had 10 phials of blood taken and had an ECG there and then which was fine.

With regards to my many and various symptoms and my past history of symptoms, he was very sympathetic and patient as I tried to explain things. He even took my list of symptoms (taken as a memory jogger) and was sat there reading it as I left.

Interestingly (and, in a way, slightly frustratingly) he said none of the lesions are anywhere near the part of the brain that is responsible for balance, which is my main issue at present.

He is referring me to another Neuro who is more clued up on my kind of symptoms, and is also going to get me some physio to help me deal with my balance issues. He reckons all these tests and my initial appointment with the other Neuro should be done and dusted within 2 months, when he wants to see me again. Hmmmmm…we shall wait and see on that one!

As the appointment came to an end, he looked me in the eye and said “We are on the case…we WILL get you sorted” and I could have cried! I have been waiting over 20 years for someone to take me seriously and promise to do something to help. I know it’s going to be a long, slow, frustrating road to getting some definitive answers, but at least I’m on it at last!

I was dreading this appointment as I was expecting to be fobbed off , yet again, but he was so lovely and make me feel relaxed enough to be able to think straight and explain things better.

Anyone who has an appointment coming up, I hope you have someone half as lovely as him!

so glad you have had a positive appointment, good luck with your tests.

keep us posted.


I’m pleased for you, I can tell there is real joy in your post!

Good luck

I’m so pleased for you, that’s fantastic news. It’s so nice to hear of a lovely neuro. Hope it finally gets sorted for you xx

Yay so pleased it went well Ax

Purple, that is fantastic. A nice neuro makes all the difference. Good luck with all the tests and appointments. Keep us informed. xx

Hello, I have been reading your posts with interest as your situation is very similar to mine. I am thrilled you are now getting the right help. I like you wanted to cry after seeing my first Neuro as it had been over 20 years waiting too. It is a very reassuring feeling to meet a consultant who is clued up and acts like it! Sam x

That is fantastic news, I’m very pleased for you :slight_smile:

Great news

Thanks everyone for your lovely replies!

I just wanted to post to give others still waiting for appointments some positive hope, although I appreciate what a complete lottery it is these days as to whether you get a good consultant or not.

I was chatting to the Nurse when she was doing my ECG and she said we are very lucky in our area that most of the consultants are very good and very amenable, which was good to hear. Things must have changed since I saw my first batch of them 20 years ago then, as they were all complete unmentionables!!