Gotta LOl at neuros!

I got the report from my neuro exam today. My GP phoned me on Tues to say she had heard from the neuro and that the hosp had missed some of the bloods she had wanted so could I go in and get them done. She then said that I had obviously had a good chat with the neuro and it sounded quite productive. I was a little taken aback and just hmmmed. She said that when I had had my MRI to book in to see her and we could have a good chat about it all. Having seen the letter she received I can now see why she sounded confused. It sort of sounds like we were in 2 different appts!

To my face she said there was categorically nothing going to be found on an MRI. To my doctor she has said that due to the problems with my left leg she cannot rule out demyelination and that is why she has requested an MRI! She told me that all my reflexes are normal. To my doctor she says that my upper reflexes are “somewhat brisk” with finger jerks and that my left knee reflex is more prominent than my right. Oh and I fell to the side in a functional manner in my Rombergs and a slight postural tremor on the right that is worse than the left!

I think I have stopped laughing now!! You just gotta love them!!! :slight_smile:

Yep my letter was very similar really felt like I’d been in a different appt lol A