LOL at neuro letter (gotta laugh eh)

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good day

I saw the neuro for the first time a couple of weeks ago, had all the neuro exams etc etc., and today got the letter from her that goes to the GP.

I actually really didnt know there was so much wrong with me! Most of the neuro tests showed something and a couple of the blood tests (Hb15.6, neutrophils 7.35???) also werent quite right. I am being referred to the MS nurse, and the Continence Advisory Service blushbecause I have sudden urinary urgency. Am having VEP Thursday and Spine MRI next Thursday too, and then maybe lumbar puncture too.

However, and this is the funniest thing I have read for a long time.. apparently I use recreational drugs or stimulants LOL LOL LOL.  I can see that the simple little word NOT has been missed out, but it did make me laugh. (have already phoned sec to tell her that she has missed a word out and waiting for her to get back to me). Obviously this needs to be rectified asap! Dont want everyone thinking Im some kind of pothead or drug addict!! LOL.

I am sure some people would be horrified and really upset by this little omission, but I have laughed till I had tears in my eyes. Oops.. I forgot to say that I suffer from extremes of emotion too :D

I am really happy with everything my neuro is doing/testing and I absolutely feel horrified at some of the negative experiences some people have (at a time when we are all cr*pping ourselves anyway!). 

Paula xx

Hi Paula,

I'm glad you were able to see it for what it is; a simple mistake - and not an attempt to blacken your character.

Your medical records are completely confidential anyway, so even if you were taking anything like that (I know you're not), you should be able to discuss it in confidence, without worrying they're going to inform the police, your employers, or whoever.

Yes, a small typo can make a whole lot of difference, if they'd left out the simple word "NOT". ;)


Hi Tina

Thanks for replying.

Have just spoken to the secretary and she spotted it as soon as I said. She apologised profusely and is resending letters so that people dont think I am a druggie :D

I thanked her for making me laugh so much (tho my son didnt find it quite so funny and was horrified!) xx

Hi Paula,


A little while ago i was out shopping when i met a friends mother.  She said 'Hello, i've not seen you for ages!' to which i replied ' no, i've not been too good with my ms!'

'Oh dear' she replied 'the illegal drugs are the things that will help you the most'

I stood in the street completely gob smacked! She's about 70 and a grandma! very sweet and innocent person!

She totted down the street and left me streaming with laughter!

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Teresa

A friend of my parents has progressive MS and he smokes cannabis once a day and swears it helps him get to sleep and relaxes him enough to stop the muscle jerks while he is asleep.. so your old lady friend may be right!

P xx

There have been a few studies on cannabis and MS.

Mix ups like this happen so easily. I know when I do my letters even when the secretaries have given them to me for a look over its between patients so very quick. One letter went out saying I'll see your child in sex week (now I never use 6 I always say over a month)

How bads that. Thankfully mum like you saw the humerous side. My first letter from the neuro was completely wrong. He'd totally muddled up what was R and L!

Things have a way of chnaging meaning on a dictaphone!



Lol Reemz - 'Sex week' is a distant memory for me now (with all me numb bits) lol!!

The way I see it is that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes occasionally, and its always best to laugh than be angry! 

P xx

Funniest one I had was a letter from a Dr in ER to my GP talking about my spasticity but he wrote that I had "spassy tittys".happy

Always been a bit concerned since then that one of my boobs may uncontrollably leap out of my bra without warning....


Lol Belinda! Thats a funny thought!! Maybe you should tie them down? lol xx

OMG, ROFLMAO! I was laughing at all the other stories then I read this one. What you trying to do? Make me cry and wet myself?


Hahahaaaaa reading this in bed and laughed so hard at spassy tittys I woke hubby up. So funnyyyyyy!