a bit confused

Hey everyone, I posted on friday upset as I had received a copy of a letter from my neuro to my gp stating the mri of brain and c-spine were normal, would follow up with patient in 12 months! I was distraught at having got nowhere. Well, yesterday I received an appt to see my neuro at 9am on weds so I see him tomorrow morning! I am shocked it is so quick considering, I was thinking of phoning to the neuro’s secretary but decided against it in case it has been made by mistake and they cancelled lol! I’m a little apprehensive as to why I’ve received a fast appt when he told my gp he’d review me in 12 months. My gp has refused to medicate me while I am under neuro so I hope to be put on some medication to help with the muscle fasciculations, spasms, cramps and shakes, also some proper painkillers for my muscles and joints and hopefully get some more amitriptyline so I can increase my dose. Viv x

WOW! So, maybe the first letter was a mistake? I wish you all the luck in the world - let us know how it goes xx

Well good luck tomo and I hope you get some answers and proper meds xx

How did it go?


How did it go Viv? Hope it went well and you got the advice and meds you need.X