Experience of first Neuro appointment

Hello everyone, I had my appointment in October and received a copy of his letter to my GP and Karen very kindly interpreted for me :slight_smile: I felt the appointment overall went well and he seemed nice and is being thorough as I had a lot of blood taken, had ECG done and my MRI is on 23rd November. What I would like to ask is, did your Neuro give you any hint as to what could be going on? I was hoping he would indicate as to whether it was treatable (hopefully). I fully understand that he wouldn’t leave himself open to a misleading potential diagnosis but reading some posts of late, it seems that my Neuro was very subdued during my appointment. I am thinking positive thoughts everyday but what if I am being too positive? My husband is concerned that I am not being realistic enough. Thanks Sam xx

At my first appointment in October also he said to me he would like to see some more test results before saying what might be wrong which I actually think is sensible better to have a proper idea than randomly guessing as there are so many conditions that have similarities Hate waiting but best in long run I feel rach xx