So frustrated!!

I am so frustrated!! Waiting for my latest MRI results. (Had MRI of full spine on 11th June.)

Been phoning… phoning… waiting…

Today she said the results have been today posted out to GP, she’s said she’s printed out a copy of the letter and asked her manager if she could send it out to me. Her manager said she has to get permission from the neuro who has today started his 2 week annual leave!!

I asked her could she tell me if it was normal or not, but she apologised and said she couldn’t say anything! Just that the letter is brief and told me to give it a couple of days then make an appointment with my GP to discuss it!!!

I just want to know!!! Aaarrrrggghhhhh

If it’s clear this time I’m sure he’ll discharge me. As he’s already said we may never know what it is or it may be something rare that we don’t know enough about yet!! They’ve basically exhausted all routes now!! 6 and half years down the line I just want an answer!!

Sorry you’ve been kept hanging on like this Jules. You must feel like you’re cracking up! Hope you get to see your gp as soon as possible x