Still flipping waiting!!!!!

Hi all Not been on here for a while hope every bodies as well as can be :slight_smile: I can see I’ve missed loads lol but u no how it is ‘life gets in the way’ lol I’m still waiting for any kind of results from my neuro (said he was bobbins) 4mths ago I saw him the gp’s getting annoyed with the shear lack of communication from him now also "/ ggrrrrrr On the plus side I’m back to me again more or less which is great ( till the next time) but positive thinking :slight_smile: Lou xx :slight_smile:

That is quite a silly amount of time to wait for information Hope your gp can chase it up quickly

4 months just for a follow up letter? That’s nuts!

Have you spoken to his secretary to find out what the hold up is?

At least you’re feeling much better :slight_smile:

Karen x

nice to hear you are feeling better. My gaps with the Neuro for everything is 4 months too. Maybe its new protocol. He did writed to my GP though and said its absolutely not MS because of clear MRI scans then we I saw him 4 months later he said a clear MRI scan does not mean you do not have MS, so has arranged for LP. Its a good job I am easy going!!!

Hi all :slight_smile: Karen I’ve tried the sec several times n all u get is the answer machine I’ve emailed her also several times but no luck I had a MRI 6 yrs ago but he’s convinced this is nothing more than weight related issues in the only letter that he’s sent to my GP (back in Jan) he put he does not think its benine MS nor benine Intercrainial hyper tension which I guess is a bonus but that doesn’t help get me thro replaspes lol He also says in this letter that I’d refused a new MRI due to suffering severe claustrophobia (which is true I have this BUT I did not refuse a scan!!! I’m just waiting for yet another replasp to pop along then I’m demanding a 2nd opinion :slight_smile: Lou x