Still Waiting......

Well im still waiting for my brain and spine mri, should have been on the 16th of march but the Hospital put the wrong address label on, so i had to phone up and get them to re-book now the end of april, not very happy but hey, at least it’s on the way.

Still having probs with numbness it’s spreading from my face to my scalp now and strangly reminds me of my childhood going swimming wearing one of those always too tight swimming hats!

I feel very numb, yet light touch is over the top really irritating, yet you can bang a nail in my head and i wouldnt feel it, also heat doesnt seem to register all the time, how on earth can the skin on the outside feel things but not the flesh/muxcle under neath?! am i going barmy, does this mean it’s not ms? (would be nice) does anyone else get this? and as it has also reached my backside now am i in for any unwelcome suprises? should i be prepared for that?

thanks confused ame

Hi Ame x

It’s so frustrating when you are waiting patiently for something & a silly mistake like a wrong address label prolongs the agony for you!!!

You are not goin barmy! This ‘thing’ is so unpredictable and the symptoms are bizarre. I don’t suffer too much from the numbness I have down my leg and accross my abdomen - I’ve had this for a few years so have got used to it and take it in my stride (pardon the pun!) when it worsens.

Others on here will probably be able to advise you better than me xxx

All I can say is keep your chin up - you are on your way hopefully to find out what is wrong & get some help with it. It’s a horrible waiting game I know but you will get there!! xxxjenxxxx

My local MRI unit cancelled my appointment once because I hadn’t replied to a letter - that they hadn’t sent!!! The inefficiency in the NHS can be SO frustrating!

Remember that the sensations you’re experiencing aren’t actually real, i.e. there is no external stimulus causing them - the nerves are getting it wrong. Because different nerves carry different information, you can feel all sorts of weird things at the same time. It also means that parts of the body that are affected by one thing may be completely unaffected by something else (caused by a different set of nerves). The morale of the story is don’t worry about something unless/until it happens because it may never!

Karen x

Cheers kizzy, and thanksd as always Karen your awesome