Just a rant

Hi all

Still waiting for my MRI results after nearly 8 weeks… they said it’s normally about 2 weeks but would be slightly more because of Christmas!

I have called a few times but just get told to wait for the letter.

I know so many people are in the same boat but it’s starting to drive me crazy… every time the post comes I wonder if it will be my letter.

I wish they would have not given me a time frame or told me it could take a few months.

Just got to keep waiting!


Hi Flaran, yeh I hear you…it`s horrible waiting for that special letter to arrive. What about asking your GP to chase it up? Tell him/her about the time frame you were given has gone way past. Bouds xx

Oh no thats really frustrating, the daily disappointment of no letter in the post gets worse the longer it goes on. Are you waiting for a diagnosis?

If they say 8 weeks add about another 4.

the trouble is a radiologist has to read and do a report.

i never had expectations and did not get results in the post as they went to the neurolgoist and if anything to worry about he would contact me. seems it has changed a bit now. I doubt to be honest if you get a letter it will say much and will just confuse you more lol, with their medical jargon.

Who ordered the MRI? If it was the neuro you could contact her secretary. the trouble is the radiologist does a report, it goes to neuro they have to read it, then they have to dictate a letter which can take another 8 weeks to type.

I had a vep test done in october 2015 I got the results by a phone call to see me (neuro), in FEBRUARY 2016 lol.

its a waiting game, but it is a long process and some areas have only a few radiologists who have to read a lot of reports.

If your lucky your neuro likes to do it himself. Its a such a long drawn out process. I remember one of MRI having to go to AFRICA to be read lol as they had no radiologists spare where i live i kid you not. althought it just goes via internet but still.


They said I would have the results in about 2 weeks.

I phoned about 4 weeks ago and Neuro secretary said he had the report from radiologist and once he had done his report I’d get it in the post. I phoned again last week and was told same thing.

it was the Neuro that ordered it.

Im probably just being impatient- doesn’t help that I’m having a lot of symptoms at the moment.

Ill get GP to chase if it’s not here over the next few days.

Thanks for everyone’s replies!

I am so sorry this is happening to you! I know there are a lot of advantages with your country’s medical care, but over here I get my results within a 2 hour to 2 day timeframe. If I had to wait months, I think I’d be pulling my hair out.

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I called neurologist at 5 weeks and they had results, told they would send a clinic note out and this took a further 2 weeks, but whilst enquiring I mentioned my condition was worse and they offered to put me on a list to take a cancelled appointment rather than wait the remaining 4 months!

I got one quite quickly (all things relative) and I think the neurologist was interested to see me with more obvious difficulties.

So mention it’s worse and ask about cancellations list.

keep a diary is good advice and inform both Gp and Neuro of any changes, it all adds to the information gathering process.

Hope you hear soon.

All the best.

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