I feel a little bit fed up at the moment. I had my MRI and Nerve Conduction Tests a few weeks ago now…I was told by the lady who did the nerve test that If I hadn’t heard by now then I should contact the Neuro’s sec. I did this yesterday. I asked her if she had the results back and she told me that she had…and my Neuro would be sending a letter to my GP next week. I asked her if my Neuro would be writing to me and would he need to see my again…she said maybe he would and maybe he wouldn’t and that I should make an appointment to see my GP the week after next for my results…aaarrrrgh my GP’s away that week.

I just can’t stand all this hanging around…I need some answers…now!


Hi Wendy,

Know how you feel waiting for results myself since 14th Feb and still no idea when I will get them!!! Left phoning neuro secretary to GP and they havent got back to me so I’ll just have to carry on waiting. We now have some great sunshine here so trying to distract myself and not think about it really.

Hope you get your results soon.

Take care.



You could try calling the (oh so helpful!) secretary back and asking if the letter will be cc’d to you too. I think they’re supposed to be. If you get the letter, you can always translate it yourself (with a bit of help from here if you need it).

Perhaps another GP could go through it with you too?

Karen x

Thanks for your replies.

I think I’ll wait until the end of next week and If I haven’t heard anything by then…then I’ll be phoning the sec. up again…I don’t want to be a pest though…I just need to know…It’s driving me crazy…I still have all the symptoms…there’s not a day goes past that I feel normal…