Notice served!

Hi all and happy valentine if thats your thing!

Just a short question if anyone can help. Phoned neuro's secretary today again for results of mri, she told me he has looked at images and she has typed up a letter to my gp and he wants to see me on 25th MaRCH.

Would he want to see me if there was nothing to worry about? Asked to be copied into the letter and was hoping when it comes that maybe, if its not too cheeky, if karen might tell me what it means.

Can I pm you Karen when it comes?



Hiya..I too am awaiting my brain mri resluts so can empathise in the waiting aspect. I did speak briefly to my eye neuro a few days after the scan..and she coudnt discuss the results over the phone, except to say there was nothing they could see that needed immediate intervention or treatment..which doesnt say much as far as I am concerned, except it rules out a brain tumour which she had reassured me about in clinic prior to the mri.

I think unless there is something that does require immediate treatment etc there will be a wait to go back to discuss with your neuro..reading other posts on here the wait is about 4 wks generally regardless of whether those turn out to show lesions or a clear mri.

You could go to your GP and discuss the letter they send but it wil be limited as to what they can tell you as they are not specialists..either way you will have to wait to see the neuro..try and get on with stuff..I know its hard..the waiting is the worst part..keep busy and if you start thinking or worrying about it in the meantime..try and think of something works for me!!


Of course you can!

Karen x

Thank you!!