Mri on Wednesday! Ekk

hi everyone, a quick question,

i was told by neuro I would receive an appointment within 6 weeks for brain and neck Mri scan, tbh honest I wasn’t expecting to receive appointment and scan date within 2.5 was of seeing him.

just wondered if it is usually this quick or am I over thinking that he suspects something and has be placed through urgent??

theres no pleasing me atm, moan when it take ages and worry when it’s quick?

can you share your experiences please x x

heidi x

Don’t worry Heidi, 6/8 weeks is about normal I think. If it was really urgent you’d probably get it done within 2/3 weeks.

Good luck & stop worrying!

Rosina x

Thank you Rosina, I think after 9 months of what feels like everything, ie appointments etc are so slow and now since seeing neuro it’s been extremely fast, been all calm, admittedly confused with my body until now, maybe it’s just knowing an answer is imminent. Instead of frustration, anxiety has kicked in,

yes I received Mri within 2.5 weeks of seeing neuro, in one way glad someone has taken me seriously, but concerned if something may have been missed hence the seemly urgency,

thank you for your reply it is very much appreciated,

just need to relax and learn to breathe.

thank you Heidi x

Hi Heidi relax and breathe the wait for a neuro appointment is so long that anything quicker seems unusually fast. It is possible that there is nothing to be read into this at all and just tht the scan department list wasn’t too busy or other people ahead of you can’t go as they are on holiday as it is that season so you may have been offered a cancellation. Good luck on wednesday and I know it’s hard try not to stress. Sue

Thank you, I never even thought of that,

i love the a,punt of amazing people on here that can help and think logically,

thank you x x x

Amazing…lol sorry

Hi Heidi I got told working four weeks . My ex who does have ms got scanned in days . I think it’s just luck of the draw availability etc. Another friend quote 'lives in an MRI machine 'and he has had several scans on the day .

*within 4weeks.Good luck and update us :slight_smile: xx kat

Good luck at your MRI Heidi let us know how things went Sue

Good luck heidi with your mri.i have eye specialist app on monday at least that bit moving on no neuro appointment yet though. Best wishes. Lynda

Hi heidi hope it all goes well I had mine last month hope you have some good music lets us know take care Lee

Just an update x

mri done neuro should have results within 5-10days, so hopefully I will be contacted soon after, my Dr rang after neuro spoke to her requesting a repeat of b12 along with anti-antrinsic factor and anti gastric parietal cell antibodies, my b12 was 147 on last blood test, so maybe that is it, I’m quite confused though, it’s states boarder line at 147, I know previous results were 159, but I have also read you deficient if lower than 200? Which means my b12 was deficient back in oct last year?? Maybe this is the cause??.? Any views…

and thank you everyone for your good luck and best wishes much appreciated, x x x

im feeling the love x

heidi x

Hi lee, have you received your results yet Hun? Hope all is well x

Thank you, good luck Monday, hope everything goes well x x x

hope you hear from neuro soon Lynda x

Thank you sue, hope your well and your family are good x x

it was a bit weird but bearable, admittedly my back didn’t appreciate being laid on for 40 mins x x but it’s done now and hopefully get results within about 2 weeks, as they said my neuro should have them within 5-10 days, so providing he responds quickly I can receive news x x x

im determined on Friday to have a day to myself, been a busy week this week already, and it’s showing x x x

Hello heidi yes had my letter on thursday got to see a doctor to start the my ms medicine therapy I’m dreading it haven’t a clue lol I’m ok just my right eye started going blurry 2weeks ago. How did ur scan go abit loud hope it ok.lee

Different labs sometimes have different normal ranges, so best to get a doctor to take a look at it. I’ve been told it has to be very, very low to give symptoms of MS.

Thanks Jenna,

live been told opposite, it an uncertain territory.msome say a borderline result can effect someone, it’s confusing, maybe I’m just clutching at straws,

ive even read that Ms can cause b12 deficiency, so many answers isn’t there, thanks for your reply.

im determined to get answers, I need to be patient I think, hopefully results will be clear and received soon x

Hi lee, yes scan went ok, bit of an experience being in there with the head brace on, not nice,

my left eye has been concerning me lately, with blurriness, and focus problems, fingers crossed it sorts itself out,

its scary isn’t it, everyone wants an answer and pray for the day you know why your suffering these symptoms, once you have a result, the uncertainty continues… I’m not in your situation, but all I can say is grab life by the horns and enjoy every good day, and except the bad…

another thing is maybe asking if you will have an Ms nurse, I’ve been told they are amazing for support on all levels, maybe a suggestion to ask Dr about x x

sending you a hopeful and healing hug,

heidi x

p.s take one day at a time lee, you have a lot to take in with diagnoses,allow time to adjust to having Ms mentally, x