First Neuro Appt


Ive been lurking on here for a while. I won’t bore you with all the symptoms as I know everyone is different and nothing can be diagnosed on here :wink:

I’ve had my Neuro appointment moved forward the end of June due to Dr having some concern over one particular symptom. She mentioned that I should certainly have a Mri so my question is, how long do you think it will take to get an appointment for an Mri after my Neuro appointment. How long did you all wait?



My appt came through in 2 weeks with the date of the scan, which was 3 weeks later.

Good luck with it all :slight_smile:

I got a telephone call 2 days after my Neurologist appointment to say my MRI Brain & Spine was happening the next day.

Snowqueen x

That’s really helpful, thank you both!

Did it take long for the Mri results? I guess that could be the long wait!

i think it was about a month later i received a brief letter to say that changes had been found to brain that indicates demyelination and that the neuro would discuss further at my first appt. (was referred by someone else initially for MRI)- which im still waiting for a date for 15 weeks later, its very difficult waiting for these things - take care x

Thanks fly high and sorry to hear about your long wait x

However long it takes (and it might not be all that long), it will feel like forever! That’s the way of these things, alas.


Sorry I don’t know why that posted anonymously, apologies x

heidi x