MRI wait

Hi all

I saw a second neurologist yesterday who is sending me for a brain and spine MRI… I’m guessing I’m going to get a variety of answers with this question but just wondering how long people have had to wait for an appointment. I meant to ask at the time it forgot.

Thank you

Mine was in two weeks but i had come in with optic neuritis and was all rather quick. Im seeing the neurologist tomorrow to discuss my mri results. I think it can take normally 6 weeks when i had one before after seeing a neurologist. Hope this helps, its hard all the waiting i know x

It’s 5 week wait here xx

5 months

I’ve just had my first appointment with neurology last Thursday and had a letter today for my MRI on 3rd December in Liverpool Walton centre. So a 2 week wait for me if that’s any help. Hopefully yours will come through quickly xx

Thank you