Referred to Neurologist

Hi everyone

Well I have been suffering for years with various symptoms and gp kept brushing me off. So it got to the point where I didn’t bother going as deep down was scared to know. However I went to the doctors Monday after experiencing numbness/tingling down my left leg and arm and he said he will refer me to neuro. Finally being taken seriously, which is also quite scary! I have done the booking thing and no appointments so waiting on hospital to contact me. In the next 2 weeks to sort an appointment or be added to the wait list. Hoping it won’t be long.

Is is it normal to see neuro before MRI? He said neuro then probably would need an MRI which will be another wait no doubt!

The waiting is so frustrating as just want to know now.

i have been waiting to see eye specialist up hospital so far 7 weeks after failing field vision test apparently wait is approx 11 weeks.

How long did you have to wait for neuro appt then MRI?

Also what do I expect at my neuro appt?


Hi Rally3108

Waiting times are bound to vary across the country, but for me it was a couple of months - although that was some years back.

Compiling a concise note of the symptoms you’ve been having (starting with the worst /most frequent) is useful for both yourself and the neuro (do two copies - one for each of you).

The appointment itself; he/she will ask you about your history and symptoms etc, examine you, and most likely request blood tests, and possibly an MRI.

Unfortunately there is no ‘one’ test available, and there are many conditions which mimic MS-type symptoms too, so receiving a diagnosis of any kind can be a lengthy process. From my very first appointment with the neuro, to the day he gave me the official diagnosis, was six months - for some people it’s quicker, for others it’s a lot longer.

It’s a scary and frustrating time, stressful too, but everyone here knows what you’re going through, so shout if you need a listening ear - someone is always around.

Good luck, let us know how you get on

Debbie xx

Hi Rally ive just seen neurologist i waited 3 months for the appointment i had on monday he is booking me in for an mri he told me to expect a 4-6 week wait.