How long was your neuro wait from referral?

My doc filed for me to see a neuro yesterday, and I’m wondering how long it usually takes?
Or, a better question might be - how long did it take for you?

Thank you for all of your posts about neuros!

Thanks to you, I am already keeping a diary of my symptoms, and bracing myself for the worst (a grumpy / distant neuro!) but hoping for the best! …(Erm… hopefully a really caring, sympathetic man… preferably with long, beautiful hair! Who tells me “don’t you worry, everything is going to be just fine” and jokes about me being in a giant egg when I go into the MRI… Wait, would that be horrible if he joked about that?? Okay everything else but that… He still has long hair is caring and all that stuff… Oh dear I have made him sound like Jesus… Neurolojesus!)

Hi Shiller,

I think a lot of the time it depends on where you live and how busy the hospitals are, when I was first referred to a neurologist I waited about 3 months I think… Unfortunately this will go on for a while as these things take a long time, especially if it is Ms as they will try to rule out everything else first. My whole diagnosis took 2 years.

I hope everything moves faster for you

Take care


Thanks Shona!

Dohhhh… it looks like it’s going to be a long wait! Do you mean the neuro will try to rule it out, or my local doc?
Thanks again for your input!

Take good care too. <3

I am due to see a neuro on 3rd july. it will be 6 weeks from referral, but from this forum I do think mine is pretty quick! My GP has tried to get me seen before that but there are just no spaces. I am also lucky that I will be seeing an MS specialist too as my GP and optholmologist seem pretty convinced it is MS. I have been writing a diary of things going on with me, and I aim to have shortened it and put under 5 main headings. Fingers crossed it all goes well for us all and we all get a neuro who is great x

If you look at you should be able to find the waiting time for your local hospital. I live in West Yorkshire and it was about 6 weeks to see Neuro, now face a 6-8 week wait fit MRI. Then 2-3 weeks for results. If all else fails you can ring local hospital and ask them, make sure that you have been refferd.

Hi Shiller,

My neurologist sent me for blood tests which was a wait for the results, then for electro tests which again was a wait for the app and then the results, then the same with MRI and then the same with a lumbar puncture. As there is no specific test for MS and is often the worst case scenario, your neurologist will want to rule out anything else first, which unfortunately is what takes the time!

I hope this helps,

If you ever need to talk or just someone to moan to feel free to private mail me anytime :slight_smile:

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Thank you tons for your input all! So the chances are I will just TALK with my neuro at first? No scan or anything first time? (Apologies for my naivety!) My goodness… I can see why all this takes so long! >.<
I am glad to have a good GP though; I think I’ll be seeing a lot more of him between these other appointments. I hope if I’m in pain he might at least be able to sort me out with some stuff.

Hi Shiller took mine 1 month last october. But I think realisticly anywhere up to 3 months to be honest. Depends on how worried your GP is and also the area you live in.

The first appointment the neuro should talk to you, check your cranial nerves, get you doing certain things like hoping, check reflexes, check for reduced senstion to light touch or pin prick (it doesn’t hurt).

I was in there about 45 mins with the registrar on my first review.

Best Of Luck



Wow, very interesting! Thanks Gokr! Looks like they take a really good look at you!
I’d be very happy to hear of any stories anyone has of their first time and at a neuro and what happened.


hi shiller, it took 8wks for neuro appointment for me then three weeks for ‘urgent’ MRI took just under week for results now we wait for lumber puncture, don’t think that’s too bad although very frustrating!! hope you get sorted soon. I have found great support from here while sitting in limbo. best wishes xx

Eww Shiller! You have opened the proverbial can of worms!

I saw a neuro spinal last November 2011 who gave me an ‘urgent’ referral.

Come February I’m having a relapse and my GP rang to be told I was not put on the ‘urgent’ referral list until January 2012 and that it woul take 12 weeks.

Come April when the 12 weeks was almost up I still hadn’t had my appointment through. The GP and the ophthalmologist sent 2 letters.

The hospital appointments peeps then told me they had had no letters from my GP etc and that my appointment would be in July!!!

That would have made it a 9 month wait!!!

The secretary eventually took pity on me & the GP & Ophthalmologist letters were found and I had my appointment with the neuro the first week in May!

So I waited 30 weeks for an ‘urgent’ referral!!! All I can say is God help those who are given a ‘non-urgen’ neuro referral!!!

There is something very very WRONG with this system!!


WOAHmygoodness!! Seriously, holy crap, that is disgustingly awful practise. Absolutely infuriating. I am so sorry it’s been so dire. They need to buck up and sort their stuff out.

Hi Shiller,

I initially had to change my GP…he was useless…virtually told me that I was making it all up, as I had no lumps or bumps or anything! Found another GP…told him the symptoms although he was unsure what could be wrong with me, and asked me what I thought?! I then asked to be referred to a neuro…which he did.

I had to wait abouth a Month, saw him last Nov. he did various tests…reflex, looked in my eyes, pin prick test and a few more. He then asked me what I thought and I told him all the symptoms, and said that I was thinking maybe MS as I have a friend who has it and my symptoms are very similiar. He said he didn’t think I had MS but he would send me for MRI and nerve conduction tests, and that the tests would cost a lot of money!..? I had to wait until March this year to have those. The problem was I waited and waited for the results and they never came!

I then phoned the neuro’s sec about three times who said they would be sent to my GP…when I went to GP, he said he would not get them! Eventually I got a letter, not results, just saying that I had numerous tests which all came out ok…MRI had no sinister or significant pathology. I then got another appointment to see neuro in Nov.

In the meantime I went to see GP, and virtually begged him to give me something for the awful twitching and feelings I was getting in my legs, he reluctantly put me on amitriptyline.

I’m not completely satisfied, because I still have all the strange symptoms and sensations, although the tablets have helped a little.

Sorry for the long post.

Hope you get sorted soon.


Eww! There are so many bad experience stories relating to waiting times & neuros! They do seem to outweigh the good ones!

I was wondering whether the MS Society could act as advocate for all those who have had these really negative experiences - and do some sort of campaign to raise awareness and put some pressure on the neuros etc to make some positive changes?

Some of these stories really need to be told!!

Or maybe they already do?? xxxjenxxx

Hi Shiller

My first Neuro appointment took about 3 1/2 months (referral from Opthalmologist - Optic Neuritis - March 2011). Saw Neuro end of June 2011 and was told to “wait and see” until January of this year. I was then referred to an MS Specialist for a 2nd opinion in Southampton. I have had to wait 5 months for this appointment. I have therefore waited almost a year and a half to find out what is wrong with me! I think the whole process is disgusting.


I am shocked… I just got off the phone from… somewhere (it was a private number) asking me what hospital I’d like to go to to see a neuro (lol, I asked for the best one! blush… I just thought I’d give it a try!) but she said she could organise them all in terms of distance and waiting time!

My doc only saw me yesterday (when he sent the referral) and now I’m already booked in to see one for 27th June at a place near to me…
Needless to say, I was NOT expecting it this quickly; and after reading these stories, I feel undeservedly lucky.

Thats great news Shiller x

fab news! good luck and let us know how you get on x

Fab news!! The NHS ain’t so bad then!! xxjenxx

I feel lucky after reading the above posts .I have my neuro appt in 2 weeks ,so i would of waited only a month from seeing doctor to seeing them .I do have to travel quite away though as at my 2 local hospitals it was a 4 month waiting list !

Im pleased you got your appointment so quick :slight_smile:

from Sam