How long did you wait for first Neuro appoinment?

Hi all. Just wondered how long any of you had to wait for their first Neuro appointment? Also how long was it before you even got the appointment letter through? Thanks x

I’m under Southend University Hospital and I was first referred for the Neuro on the 4th April… my appointment came through as 4th June!!

So 8 weeks.

However I have in the meantime had a contrast MRI and am reassured by the fact that had they seen anything scary on my results they would call me in earlier. They haven’t thus far so I am keeping it in my head that it wont be MS.

It was about 8-10 weeks for me between being referred and seeing my first Neuro. The appointment letter took about 2 weeks to come through. However, this was an internal referral from ENT to Neurology, so not sure if it would have been the same had it been a GP referral.

Hi I was seen within 3 weeks of being referred by my gp and he told me the date there and then using the choose and book system


My experience was similar to Cody01 above. My GP booked it then and there via the choose and book service and I was seen in about 4-5 weeks.

PG xx

Hmmm my Dr back end of march told me to to drop a list of all my symptoms that i think is Neurological related as he wanted to write these in a referral letter to Neurologist so i handed to receptionist next day. Ive recently moved from Lincoln to Colchester but have had my mail redirected to my new address but i still have had no appointment letter through. Anyway i guess it wont matter anyway now as i registered with new Dr surgery. I phoned to see if my notes have been transferred over yet which they now have. Cant get an appointment until next week lol so I’ve requested for a Dr to phone me so i can get her to make a referral. Hope i don’t have to wait too long. I even considered on travelling up to Lincoln anyway (silly i know) but i’m not going to as there wouldn’t be any point. Im just wondering why i haven’t had my previous appointment letter through yet. Not that it really matters now xxx Thanks all for your replies xx

Well after my optician and GP freaking out about my ON my appointment has come through for the 27th JUNE!!

Some emergency!

3 weeks, and it was through choose and book allegedly but this didnt work so got a letter to call up and make an appointment whole process from referal to seeing the neuro 3 weeks. Had my MRI 2 weeks ago, follow up is a week tomorrow.

Wasn’t long at all 2-3 weeks was fast I got referal letter then appointment 3 weeks later referal letter I got a week after being refered.

16 weeks, then about 4 weeks after that for MRIs, now waiting for results

My doctor wrote to neurologist on the 28th Feb and I saw her a couple of weeks after then MRI appointment came through for the 1st May and am now waiting on results and slowly going mad. I don’t know how so many people have waited years and still not got a diagnosis.


Hi I have to wait till July the 25th it sucks

Guess I was quite lucky. Saw Doctor on 15th, got an appointment for a week later (today).

Jeez, thats a long time. Its crazy. :0(

I was referred on 4th April and still on the waiting list :confused: had lumbar puncture on 20th April and MRI on 13th may.

Ive just got my date got to wait 8 weeks roughly, and mine was an urgent appointment, the gps constantly trying to push it forward but no luck, it feels like forever when things keep going wrong though doesn’t it :slight_smile: still waiting on the MRI date though char x

Too long 22 weeks…

I had an appointment made approx 4 months after diagnosis but paid private instead! Was not willing to wait as needed to just know what I was facing and get treatment started etc. such a long time in some areas of the country and if you dare to insist on a specific neuro then the wait is even worse! It’s crackers!

Hi,im New to all this,I had an mri then was referred( urgently) for neurological assessment,been waiting 4 months why does it take so long? Any advice? Slowly going mad with worry

Hi every one I have also been referred. To. Neurology and had a 25 week wait so called neurology appointment and asked if they had any canellatins which they did now going to see. Neurologist in 4 weeks so I would called your hospital and. See if they can get. You. In earlier, I was advised. From receptionist there they always have cancelations