Being a bit impatient....

Was just wondering how long it takes from Dr referral to 1st Neuro appt - roughly.

I got referred 8 weeks ago today and have not heard back from the appointments team yet. Does anyone know how many months it can take. I realise its probably a case of how long is a piece of string…

FTR - I live in North Wales and will be going to the Wrexham Maelor.

Thanks in advance

Angela xx

i would expect a letter with your appointment to arrive very soon.

ask your gp if s/he has any idea how long it will be

carole x

Thanks Carole.

Was kind of expecting to be told the waiting list to see neuro was 6-8 months long so that is better than I thought. GP on referral didn’t know how long it would be.



Here in South West Wales the waiting list is long. I was referred to neurology by my GP early August 2012 and I finally got an appointment at the end of April 2013. By that time I’d lost patience and paid to see one privately, and I’m now on his NHS list. I have an MRI on 19 June and I’m still waiting for a date for the lumbar puncture and other tests he has requested. Neurological problems demand enormous patience!