neuro date

I have been waiting a month for my neuro appointment and today I eventually get one for the 22nd of June. It seems that everything takes so long. I was told I need to have a lumber puncture but am guessing that the neuro is the one to make this happen. I’m kind of impatient but I just want it all to happen so I don’t feel like I spend all my time waiting around.

I got mine next week i've been waiting 7 weeks it's been driving me mad to as i'm also very impatient. I find over the last few weeks i've calmed down abit as i was very scared before. Have been told that nero will arrange a lumbar puncture and waiting list in my region is 6 months.

Tell me about it Adam!!!! I was referred as an 'urgent' case by a neuro spinal consultant in November - at last my appointment is next week (!!!!!) 

But lik eyou say - there will be no answers - not satisfactory ones anyway - until the tests are all done & the results are in and distributed!!! 

I was going to say that the one thing I've learned through all this is 'patience is a virtue' - but then thought that patience is totally the wrong word - RESIGNATION is a better one!!! xxjenxxxhappyflower

Good choice of words Jen. It’s like they rushed me through so many tests and one they knew what was wrong they put the brakes on. My letter today said, we have your refferal please ring the hospital to book an appointment, when I rang they told me that they didn’t have the letter bit went to get it and rang me back. What a joke.

Hi Adam

The waiting for appointments to arrive is the worst part of the diagnostic process (apart from all the prodding and poking during the various tests). It does seem like it will never arrive as there is so much at stake! You will get there though and the best thing to in the meantime is to try to get on with your day-to-day life. I know that’s not easy!

Feel free to come on here to gripe and moan as much as you like 'cos we all understand how you feel as we have either been through it or are still going through it.

Everyone on here is so supportive, so stay in touch.

Teresa xx