So relieved to have appt date

Hi all, Received my appointment letter with neurologist through for Monday 16th September. Less than 3 weeks to wait! Amazing how much better I feel just knowing I have a date to aim for. Seeing same neurologist I saw 3 years ago so hopefully things might fall into place. Jane x

Glad you’ve got your date Jane. Hope it goes well and you get the answers you are looking for x

Hope it all goes well and keep us posted x

Thank you and I will do, just need answers now x

How long does it take from your GP actually saying you’ll be referred to actually getting a letter with a date? I’m asking because today my GP said that I’d be referred to a neurologist. Hooray! (of sorts).

Hooray glad you got your date x

Fingers crossed for you cassies mum :slight_smile: Hope all goes well and keep us updated :slight_smile: