How long did people have to wait for their neuro appointment?

Hi all,

my GP referred me to a neuro about 3 weeks ago, but I haven’t heard back about an appointment, yet. I left a message with his secretary, but she’s on annual leave until the 12th. My MRI showed lesions on my spine, but not in my brain (currently waiting for my GP to send me a copy of the report so that a friend can have a look at it, but she seems to have time off, too), so I realize that my life is not in immediate danger and mine is not the most urgent case on the list.

Still, I’d really like to see someone to discuss what happens now, especially since I seem to have symptoms that only came into existence once I was told it may be MS (so I’m actually quite sure my brain is making them up), making me feel like I cannot trust my own body. Also, I still can’t walk properly.

So, how long did it take from people until they heard back?




I think it varies enormously between hospitals. I think about 6 weeks would be considered a standard wait time, but again depends on where in the country you are, size of the hospital and how many patients your neuro has. If you haven’t heard anything in the next couple of weeks, chase up the neuro’s secretary again (when she returns). Also if you are able too, tell them you will take any cancelations that become avaliable. I know it’s hard waiting, but hang in there, you will get answers soon.


I’m in Derby and I waited 9 weeks for an appointment.

Hope you get seen quickly.