Hi, first post

Hi, I just wondered how long it takes, in general, following on from a MRI scan to get any results. I had my scan on sat, and my next appt with my neurologist is on the 28 th Dec, do you think they will make me wait that long if they see anything, or will they call me in sooner? My symptoms are mostly to do with my memory, my short term seems to be totally shot, I have a constant pain kinda at the back of my left eye, I struggle to remember simple words, and I’m almost always permanently shattered. ( the doc said I had depression at first, plus a vit d deficiency ) thanks.

I very much doubt you’ll hear anything before your appointment. I feel for you because of the timing of it, but it really isn’t a long time to wait. Well done for posting and try to stay calm as stress isn’t any good for anyone. Chis

Thanks Chris, It just seems like a long time with a head that feels like its going to explode ( anyone seen that film Scanners . . . . . )

I know, the waiting is terrible and the neuro may want another MRI in 6 months time to make comparison. Don’t worry this is fairly common. I was dx in March this year and I can really feel for you, it helps to make a list of your symptoms for when you do have your appointment. Karen advised me to keep a diary then from that make a summary of the worst things at the top and work my way through it! I found this really good advice as I could remember everything and didn’t waste the appointment. Let me know how you get on, Hlth, Chis

Hello, I am having an MRI this Friday and haven’t got my follow up appointment until 18th February! Never mind, I’ve been like this for years so a few months won’t make any difference!! How did you find the scan? Good luck for next month x Sam x

I was suprised to have my appt on a Saturday, but that turned out to be good, it was really quiet and I was in and out quite quickly. The scan itself took about 35 mins, ish, they ran loads of diff scans, all either 3 or 4 mins long, it was noisy, but not unbearable. They didn’t tell me that one of the scans would mean that the table would shake a bit, that made me jump. Chris, I’m liking the idea of making a list, I keep forgetting, I know I haven’t told them about the pains behind my eye yet, it’s just mostly the memory stuff. Have you found it easier or harder since your dx ? At the moment I find it really hard for people to understand stuff

Hi, Where abouts are you in the country? To answer your question …both! It’s easier because I can say no I’m not drunk and I’m not lazy, I’m doing my best I have ms. On the other hand, having a label is more expensive! I took the kids on holiday and had to pay an extra £60 for my travel insurance. Also moving house and found that insurance policies for critical illness are hard to come by, even with ms excluded. Also life insurance premium doubled, even though I was told companies not allowed to do this. But, I’ve given up teaching, I wasn’t enjoying it and found after a day in the classroom I couldn’t cope with my own kids. My own kids much happier and we have a much nicer home life. I have however, been very unforgiving. My father in law is a retired gp and has given me no help or support. I can’t even be around my in laws without feeling resentment at the way they have treated me and the kids. My husband doesn’t understand this, though even he has been shocked by their lack of feeling for the kids. Maybe I was never fond of them anyway and ms has just pushed them further away, Wow! I wasn’t expecting to unload all of that! So pleased you found the MRI ok, feel free to pm me with any questions, Chis

Completely empathise. One of my colleagues, who I would’ve classed as a close friend and I thought an awful lot of, telephoned me a few weeks after diagnosis and actually said, my brother in law has ms and he’s fine. Cheesed that I’m off work, sick, probably, insensitive, definitely. I was floored by his dismissive attitude and complete lack of care. Catherine

Wow Chris, sounds like you have been having a right tough time family wise. I haven’t told my family yet, my Mum had a stroke a few years back and she wouldn’t be able to cope with the worry, Work wise I work for the local authority, so we are all going through a review at the moment, so it’s not the best time to be ill, so it’s all a bit upside down. Part of me just wants the diagnosis so that I can at least stop with the lazy / drunk bits, part of me wants to just crawl under a rock and hope it all goes away. Catherine, I’ve been off work and I’m now back on a phased return to work, my doctor has just told me I’m over doing it, and I should only do every other day, but from a financial perspective I can’t afford to - damned if I do, damned if I don’t. . . . .

Oh I so know. I wish I didn’t have to think about going back but I have a mortgage that has to be paid and unfortunately no critical illness cover, so choice other than to get back as soon as I am able. Been off 12 weeks now but boss being fab.

Sorry to butt in here but im just wondering about your symptoms those of you who just got diagnosed recently, what were they and how exactly were they proven, im finding now im forgetting simple words in conversation more frequently as compared to my post on the other thread.