MRI Questions

Just 2 questions about upcoming Mri. Its booked for first weekend in October with follow up with neuro in December so do you think I will get any results in between or have to wait until follow up. Secondly the scan is of full spine and head now the generic letter says scans usually take 20mins but I’m sure it took longer for head and cspine alone 4years ago so any recent experience of time? Thanks A xx

Hi Arwen

I had my spine and brain done recently and was in the scanner for approx 50 minutes. I’m sure the radiographer said that the head MRI would take slightly longer than the spine but I didnt notice any difference. Can’t help with the results but I only had to wait ten days. I wish I asked for the scan on a cd, but didnt realise you could pay for one to take home.



Can you take one home if you pay? Even NHS? Is that everywhere? Good to know re time just to book in my nap as bizarrely I slept through the last one lol A xx


i agree with number08,

time of my scan was about 45 minutes too. i too wish i’d have known i could have got a copy of the scan on CD.

As for results i think it depends on your hospital / neuro. At my appointment i was told by the neuro to ring seven days after the scan for the result. My scan was on august bank holiday and i’m still waiting. (apparently my scan results ARE available, but the neuro “hasn’t had chance” to reveiw them.

The one bit of advice i can give is keep calling for the results. As i called a couple of times they printed off the report from their computer for the neuro to look at rather than just waiting for it to get to them through the post (POST?!?.. in these times???..)

Hoping to get mine in the next day of two and i have to travel accross the county to pick the results letter up as they won’t email and they won’t tell me the results over the phone.

best of luck with both of your scans and any other tests


Hi Arwen

My head and spine scan was 60mins but depends also whether you’re having a contrast agent used for testing. In terms for length of time for results can vary between a week to a few weeks but I would ring just after a week has passed.

Practical info for MRI though I’m sure as you’ve had one before you know:

  1. try not to wear any metal - including hairclips / bobbles / belts etc (less to remember at the time)

  2. my L leg was very uncomfy becuase of the ramp they put under your legs - at the time my leg felt like it was vibrating and jumping. Made me so tense trying to keep still. I learnt for my second MRI I could ask not to have the ramp under my legs which made the L leg feel more stable. So make sure you are as comfy as you can get.

  3. It’s wise to get a copy of your scan in case notes go missing in future or if you change hospitals. They may charge you (it’s not extortionate though).

Best of luck Arwen! Hope it goes well. I have 15 days to go till my appointment :slight_smile: Thankfully hug/spasm is gone! Bowels still all over the place learning to try and adapt as best I can though. Still numbness and pins and needles but it’s a walk in the park compared to the neuropathic pain and spasm. So all in all on the mend - just hope the rest of the symptoms settle with time.



Thanks Reemz, yep I thought 45-60 minutes seemed more like it. Thanks for the advice too. Good to know some of your symptoms are starting to get better; neuropathic pain is horrible. Not long to go now for you but probably will be the longest 2 weeks ever. Take care A

Thanks Mick I didn’t even know you could get a cd of the mri. Will ask on the day if I’ll get results as neuro just told me that I’d get a follow up in a couple of months A

My first MRI scan got results straightaway as suspected stroke or cancer, rules that out, since then always had to wait a couple of months for neuro follow up for results Gray

Thanks Gray I wondered if that would be the case my follow up with neuro is 8weeks or so after the mri A x

I paid £15 recently to get a copy of my MRI. I don’t know if this is a standard NHS charge. I had to take ID to the hospital to collect it. Hope your appointment goes ok.

Thanks puddinglover (now craving pudding lol) will ask when I go A

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Arwen, I will let you know later how long mine takes xx

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Omg stop it sticky toffee pud is my fave-wipes off drool. Thanks Sharon hope all goes well A hungry Arwen

Not vanilla Sharon - honeycomb

No it’s got to be with custard. Sorry I think I’ve hijacked this thread into a sticky toffee pudding thread! I will bring it back by saying I wish everyone well with their MRIs and follow up appointments. I am waiting for my neurologist out patient appointment and am dreading how long I will need to wait.

Gel, I love honeycomb but with sticky toffee it’s a bit much. I’ll stick to vanilla :slight_smile:


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