mri scan

Well just had my mri scan and apparently the results will be ready in 4 days, how long has everyone else waited for results? He also said I shouldn’t haft to wait till September for neurologist as that is way to long let’s hope he hasn’t found anything??

The wait depends on how your hospital is. My hospital is quite small and overwhelmed so there’s always a wait. Yours may not be the case. Good luck, and please try not to worry too much about the results…even though all of us do xxx

My mri was done outside my gp surgery in a big truck very exciting lol. So not joined to the main hospital in Southampton as that would proberbly take months. I shall try not to worry, but it always sits in the back of my mind, trying to stay focused just hope it gives answers. Thank you for replying xx

I was sent for my MRI by my neurologist results took 2 weeks had it done at hospital which is quite big although it wasn’t a clear letter about my results just inflammation I was told. Good luck :slight_smile:

The person who did your scan is quite right. September is too long to wait for results. I have mentioned this before on the forum. That according to NICE guidlines, all patients suspected of having MS should only have to wait around six weeks for appointments/test results. Good luck with your results :slight_smile: xx

Yes way to long and it’s an urgent appointment!! I’m just glad the gp booked the mri first so wouldn’t be waiting months for that.Fingers crossed the gp can shed some light on results. X

Might be worth asking to purchase a copy of the scan for your own records or to have to hand if you ever need to see a different neurologist in the future. I purchased mine recently (MRI carried out last year) phoned the xray department, gave them my name, DOB and date of scan and it was ready for collecting a week later.

It did cost £10 but it will come in handy.

Take care

Thanks for that I will definitely get a copy for my records :slight_smile: