Hi I’ve been waiting 2 weeks now fir MRI scan results to see if have ms or not . Is this a good sign I haven’t having to wait some long…

Do you have a neuro appointment to follow up?

I wouldn’t read too much into the length of time… who referred you for the MRI? It will usually need to be looked at by someone before you’d hear anything

Sonia x

Usually follow up neuro appointment…mine was six week. I went to my gp after waiting two week and asked her to access my results on computer. Its not something I would recommend…depends on your relationship with your gp. I have good one with mine.

Hi I had my MRI on the 27th of oct I’m still waiting aswell I rang my nuro office ten day after and she told me the report had only just arrived but I’m thinking no news is good news saying that I was told if nothing showed up on MRI I would need a lumber puncture Try not to worry to much I’m sure you will find out soon

You could purchase a copy of the report or image of the MRI or both. You will get this quite quick, having said that, you can wait and the Nuero can explain what it all means which I found was better than trying to understand/translate what the report meant to me. x

Mine took 4weeks to come back (clear) but was told that was a normal timescale anyway Axx

Hi thanks for replies. I had phoned the Hosptial today, there is a massive backlog of scans to burn down on Hosptial files. Doctors has requested the scan report again, bloody pembury Hosptial have got a crap system going on there. Hopefully will find out this week and wait for neuo to phone me… Just want yo know feel rubbish.