Hi all Had my mri on my c spine and brain.Was a bit strange, odd buzzing noises etc. glad it is done. Been told 2 weeks for results, they go to my gp and consultant. Can anyone tell me their experience of follow i.e did you get a letter a call etc. Thanks

Fingers crossed for some answers hun cant answer your question not had an mri best wishes x

For my MRI results - I made an appointment with the GP for about 14 days after the scan. He had the results, but said it would be best to talk to the Neuro about them as he wasn’t a specialist in the area and didn’t want to give incorrect advice/comment on the results. Which was fair enough - the Neuro read the report alongside the scans and then showed me the scans and pointed out the lesions in the right side of my brain and explained what was going on and what else was required for me to have a definite DX of MS.

I’d recommend keeping your GP in the loop as it were by having an appointment with him/her as well as the appointment with the Neuro (makes life a lot easier when they feel part of the process ~ I shall slap my wrist for that!).

I made an appointment to see GP about two weeks after MRI and was told the results and referred to see a Neuro which in my case I am still waiting for.