How long did you wait for your results ?

Just thought it would be interesting to see how long after having an mri scan, you had to wait for the results ? The hospital said id have to wait around 2 weeks so we will see

Sam x

Hi Sam,

I can’t be 100% sure, but I think it was about 3 weeks. My neuro called me at home and asked me to go in the next day - which I couldn’t due to not having cover at work - so I went in the day after and waited until the end of his clinic to see him.

Have you got an appt booked to see your neuro for your results?

Debbie xx

When i saw him he said he will see me with results about 2 weeks after mri .I have not had a letter or anything ,maybe he will send one once he has looked at the mri results

Sam x

Going on what he said, you’ll probably get a date come through soon then. It’s another step closer though…

Debbie xx

Yes i hope so :slight_smile:

Sam x

Hi Sam

They do say about 2 weeks but I was so eager that after 1.5 weeks I rang the Neurologists secretary and she helpfully chased up for me and I got an appointment to go and see the Neuro a week later (so 2.5 weeks in total).

Good luck

Emma x

Hi Sam,

The neurologist has to look at the MRI - this can take a long time inbetween other work.

When I had my 2nd one I was shown it on a computer screen and the neurologist showed me my lesions

it was fascinating. 1st MRI in '98 when I was diagnosed was alll on xray paper very confusing!

Hope they contact you soon. Jen x

Hi Samj I was “fortunate” when I had mine. I was being treated as an inpatient, the consultant rheumatologist sent me to hospital. From admission to diagnosis took 9 days including 1 x CT, 3 x MRI, 1 x LP. I know he tops where pulled out, but I was told it wold be quicker as an inpatient. As the diagnosis was o quick I now have a shrink to try & help me pick up the pieces. I ope it all goes well for you and that you don’t ave to hang around too long Mike x

I have my MRIs (brain and spine) booked for Tue 26/6 but my follow up appt is not until Mon 9/7, even on BUPA. Cx

I already had a follow-up appointment with my neuro the week after my MRI so didn’t have to wait long.

Yes you were diagnosed very quick Mike ,alot to take in, in such a short space of time :frowning:

I know it doesnt matter if my appointment is next ,or 4 weeks time really .But ijust want to know what it is sooner rather than later .So maybe then i can start to get some of these symptoms under control.

Its not the worst by far of my symptoms ,but the one i hate the most is in the evening the top of my back ,one side ,is so sensitive and feels like its boiling hot ,that when my little girl comes to give me a cuddle good night , she will say “ill just do it gently mum” :frowning:

Sam x

Hi Sam horrible isn’t when you have kids that want to do normal things, and u wanna too. my son constantly wants to play football, I can’t kick the ball like I used too. So I go in net, he thinks I am messing around when I “dive” for the ball. I am the best goalie to him, if he could put 2+2 together. Mike x

I bet he does Mike :slight_smile:

Just spoke to my neuro secretary as i was worried they might not of got enough last week as i was unwell having the mri .Anyway she informed me my neuro is now away from the office until july 16th! (even though he said i would see him within 2 weeks :frowning:

Does that mean my mri wont get looked at until the ?

SAm x

Hi Sam Your MRI may be looked at by the radiologist and probably our neauro, he can access by e-mail. Just don’t worry and enjoy yourself with your daughter. Mike x

Off to see the doctor this morning .Really dont know what its going to acheive but my eyesight is dreadful today its so blurry and neaely constant double vision , im so dizzy and feel so faint .

Ive already fallen over twice today ,My fatigue is dreadful as well i feel like i cant do anything .The constant muscle cramp in my lower arm and hand is so painful as well .

Im having a right old moan up ,sorry :frowning:

How did you get on this morning Sam?

Debbie xx

p.s. you’re not moaning so no apologies necessary!

Hi Sam U ok- I know is bad wen u fall n u dizzy Mike x

I went to the doctor and she was great :slight_smile:

She got straight on the phone to the neuros secretary and asked to speak to him .To then be told he is away now until july 17th .My doc then said that she wanted to speak to someone about me and the sec gave her another consultants mobile numbrer .(there are no other neuros at eastbourne hospital !)

She spoke to the consultant who said not to start me on steroids but that he wanted my results as quick as possible .So the doc spoke to the secretary again and explained to her and she said as she would hurry the report up and then email it straight to doctor once she has it .

She said depending on the mri report ,if there is inflamation i will have to go to hospital for about 3 days for iv steroids (thats what the consultant told her ) She is such a great doctor id be lost without her .

The doc said she is hoping maybe friday for the report ,but i wont hold my breath.She suggested i get a stick for the time being ,but im not keen on doing that the mo .She also told me she wants me to havesome time off work (alright for her to say ,i dont get paid when im off )but i will have 2 weeks off while i try and sort these symptoms out .

I feel like ill be back to my old self i can just get these symptoms under control.

Thanks Mike and Debbie for asking :slight_smile:

Sam xx

I wonder if all the countries neuros go on holiday together cos both of mine are away at the moment! Your GP sounds great Sam and it so good she is prepared to chase things up for you. Hope you get some answers soon Xx

Hi Mines on holiday next week-not matter as the blood tests not be back. Can you imagine them all in the airport and all getting on the same plane to the same resort. Bet the conversation over dinner is great, dothey talk shop? Mike x