Letter from neuro

So I rang Neuro receptionist last fri and they had the results back that day regarding lumbar punc, she said she was gonna sit with my consultant fri afternoon and write to me regarding findings. Obv I know no one on here can give results but is this normal and does anyone know what letter will say? Thankyou

Dear Danny…

Really who knows what the letter will say hun. This is why its best to wait for things to come to us, as a tiny bit of knowledge can drive us insane.

It could be NOTHING. She may only work on Friday and it is her day for dictation, she shouldn’t really have said anything to be honest.

She should have just said the results are in and the neuro will deal with them shortly or words to that effect her inference is something is there to discuss.

So for me it could be anything or nothing.

So stupid for me to say this, i know as soon as i write it try not to WORRY. My neuro RANG me when he finally got around to viewing my VEP results which he had for 3 months lol. I had given up and assumed they were negative. WRONG. So I wouldnt read too much into what she said.

Sorry for lateness, letter came yesterday and is a summary of the results of the Evoked, lumbar and ultrasound, all showing signs and along with symptoms of PPMS, had another appoint letter for the 26th to run through results in detail and talk about moving forward. Thankyou