Neuro secretary

Well had the last test LP done 6 weeks ago, so today I contact my neuro secretary and she replied that all my test results were back and neuro will write to me with any recommendations if any ,Hopefully this week. Don’t know what to expect ! But hopefully I’m nearly there as to an answer Nervous Gray

That’s good that you’ll be hearing soon. You have had a long haul and a long wait and I admire how patient you’ve been! Hope this means that you can get some useful advice.

I admire your patience. I had my MRI on Sat and I am on the phone to the secretary pushing for an appointment. But things go so slow, weekly meetings to review recent results etc. My MRI was in a mobile MRI unit and this was to try and tackle the backlog of people waiting for this procedure. But it looks like the whole pathway is flawed with snail like pace, procedures and protocols which probably could do with a review to bring it in line with the demand for the service. Yvette (moan over)

Thanks guys Yea now entering 6 mths of tests,appointments more tests etc…etc… Now days of watching the postie… Lol Hopefully moving forward

Fingers crossed you hear soon Axx

Good luck