Receiving mri results


i called the neurologist secretary yesterday (3 weeks after scan) to find out if report has been sent to neurologist - they had said up to 6 weeks but thought I’d check just in case ( have little patience :)) anyway she said that the report had been received and that the neurologist will look at my case report aswell and to expect a letter no later than next week.

So is it the norm to get a letter and should I expect any explanation of findings or maybe just an appointment to discuss? I’m hoping someone can please share their experiences on finding out their scan results? I know I should have asked her if the letter would indicate normal or not but didn’t think till I was off the phone!



Hi Jen3

I don’t think there is a whole lot of consistency when it comes to getting results. Some people get letter, some people get phone calls and others have to take it upon themselves to chase the results up. I was referred by by GP for MRI so results went back to her. She did not write or phone me and after 2 months I called her to find out results lol. What you describe above sounds perfectly reasonable and the secretary can’t give you the results herself as she is not in a position to explain them. Sit tight and the letter will arrive.

Your letter will briefly explain the findings and what will happen next.

As Cherry Tree says things are different for everyone. My GP arranged the appointment with a neurologist, and neurologist arranged MRI’s and results were sent to my GP who then gave me a copy. I would then get an appointment to see the neurologist to discuss the results etc.

Good luck.

Marjie xx

Thank you both for your replies. Hopefully I will know whats what by this time next week - or be a bit further forward at least.

thanks again

jen x

I received a brief letter from my consultant saying that my brain MRI scan had revealed areas of high signal that could indicate inflammation. He had therefore requested a lumbar puncture and would see me to discuss the results in ‘due course’. I received my letter from the consultant on 29/07 (the consultant dictated the letter to his secretary 29/06/) ; I had been for the scan on 05/06.My lumbar puncture is this week 07/09.

If I am learning anything from this process it is patience lol!

Patience is definitely the way to go :slight_smile:

Marjie xx