How did you receive your MRI results?

Hi all, hope you are all as well as can be in the current climate.

just wanted to check how people received their results (NHS). Was it via phone, letter, face-to-face?

i had my MRI in March, I got in touch with the secretary to check what happens next as my next appointment is not until July and I wondered how the results would be delivered in the meantime. She got back to me and advised the consultant is currently off sick but did draft a letter to me and my GP and will be able to sign it off on his return.

so I don’t know what the results hold. I just wanted to see if others on here were advised something had been found the on MRI via letter.

I’m pleased I am being copied in too, so at least I know whatever the findings are rather waiting for my GP.

face to face each time and shown the scans


I also requested copies of all letters including MRI results from GP and she was happy to oblige.I had a discussion with the referring team face to face after MRI of full spine and it was then I realised they thought it was neurological and not a back problem.So next was nerve conduction tests…again I got copy of results and letter sent to GP.Now awaiting brain scan .No diagnosis as yet.Hope all goes well for you