hi was wondering how you have received your results from tests ?

by letter , by phone or follow up app.?

only today received a call for app.on thursday follow up app. i had LP 6 weeks ago

normally i have always received a letter then had to wait for a normal due app. with neuro

so im not sure what to make of this !!

im thinking if negative maybe discharge me ? feel more in limbo than ever before , its not knowing the unknown !!!

hope you all well ,take care sue x

Hi Sue x I got mine all in person. My neuro never copies me in to letters.

Good Luck x

Hi Sue,

It may make a difference that I went privately at first. But I never got individual results of tests - by post, or any other way.

Instead, everything they’d found out so far was disclosed in person, at a consultation.

THEN my neuro wrote up a summary of the consultation, for my doctor, copy to me.


I got mine at an appointment a couple of months afterwards, but it was an awfully long time ago, so probably not relevant!


Hi Sue,

I’ve always received my results in person from the neuro himself.

Right from the start, everytime I see either him or my nurse I’ve always been given the date of my next appt there and then. My GP is sent a letter with the outcome of each appt.

The only exception - if you can call it that - was when my neuro called me at home one evening asking to see me the following day at the end of his surgery regarding the mri results. Rightly so, he wouldn’t divulge anything over the phone, all he would say was that it wasn’t a brain tumour but that he didn’t want to wait another month - my next appt - to ‘get things moving’.

I know it’s not how your neuro normally does things and you have all sorts of questions going on right now but try to take heart in the fact that whatever he has to say you’re going to know sooner rather than later.

Let us know how you get on - feel free to mail me

Good luck

Debbie xx