Just called for MRI results and told the Dr needs to write to me.

I’ve been having MS symptoms for the last 6 months with a prior diagnosis of ME 14 years ago. The last 6 months have been a lot worse. My neurologist sent me for a MRI brain scan last Thursday. I’ve called today to see if they results are in as the Dr gave me his secretaries telephone number to do so. It’s only been a few days but I called anyway. The secretary told me it’s highly unlikely the results would be back so soon and then said she was astonished they were. We went quiet for a bit while she read then said that my results would have to be given in writing or by my Dr. Of course now I’m worried. Has this happened to anyone else? I just want to know what it said now.

I’m in exactly the same position! Got my MRI results whilst an inpatient having had acute symptoms and was given IV steroids, got some of the LP results but was told 5-6 weeks for Olicognal Bands/CSF result. Phoned consultants secretary - same as you, she was quiet for a while then said Yes, they’re back, but I can’t tell you as need to be interpreted by consultant who will write to you.

So perhaps she just can’t tell you as results have yet to be interpreted by consultant??

Hi purple

That exact same thing happened to me; a few days later I received the neurologist’s letter to say that there were abnormalities requiring further investigation and therefore I’m booked in for a lumbar puncture on 10th Sept to examine the CSF.

I would therefore assume it’s probable that ‘something’ is visible on your scan that requires your neurologist to consider in conjunction with the clinical history you gave.

In your position I’d therefore be prepared that s/he is likely to want either further testing of some description, a referral to a different specialty or could give a ‘watch and wait’ decision.

The waiting for information is not pleasant or easy and I do feel for you. It’s very challenging to be a patient patient


I’m not in the same position, but don’t think you should necessarily think the worse. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the results of all tests need to be given to you by a doctor, whether good, bad or requiring more testing.

So, try not to panic.

Hopefully your results will be given to you very soon.


Thank you all for the replies. I think it threw me most because I’ve had MRI results over the phone in the past though from rheumlatology not neurology. Yes Minnie I think it’s the same as you. The Dr hasn’t seen the report yet. I hope you get yours soon. I’m hoping a letter will arrive soon Harebell, my results have been printed out to be left for the Dr. Thank you Sue, I’m trying not to panic but it’s playing on my mind.

From another perspective, even when i saw my neuro recently, he had the scan pictures there but had no report on them from the neuroradiographer, so he couldn’t comment himself without the report, and he made some unsure comments. So I’ve now got another 7 week wait or whatever date they send me, to see him again. It’s frustrating when i know the results will be just sitting there. Sometimes its a busy system fault and although the pictures may be back, maybe the report wasn’t back or if it was the secretary isn’t qualified to interpret it, good or bad. Limbo waiting is hard, trying keep busy, i know it’s stressful, always in back of mind. I have to tell myself "go and do something else, more enjoyable, like glass wine and a film, otherwise my brain is just consumed with questions that can’t be answered…yet…hope you hear something soon. You are not alone, lots of us in limbo with you. Jules

Thanks for your reply Jules. I managed to get my results today and it’s completely clear. I had a brain MRI, no contrast. Not really sure what happens now. I feel crap if I’m honest. All the symptoms and no signs.

Hi purple

How are you doing since getting your result?

How’s your relationship with your GP? I’d feel inclined to make an appointment to discuss the situation with him/her; perhaps to double check you’ve had all the relevant blood tests to exclude issues that can cause neurological symptoms and perhaps make a plan along the lines of getting referred for a second time if things don’t improve over the next six months.

my best wishes.

Hi Purplegirl,

It’s good that nothing showed up on your brain mri! I had brain/spine without contrast, then certain sections of brain/spine with contrast the following day…

No enhancing or non enhancing lesions on brain at all, but 1 enhancing and 1 non enhancing on spinal cord…therefore the LP may add more clarity to my picture.

It’s possible you will be referred again for contrast/spine mri and a lumbar puncture which will give consultant a fuller picture along with your clinical signs x