How long after mri were you told it wasn't normal?

Hi. I know I’m going a bit mad waiting for the mri results which was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Friends and family say to me that if it showed anything I would have heard by now. I wondered if this is the case? I’m thinking, you could equally think if it is normal they could have quickly phoned/written to say so. Am so confused. Would like to know anyone elses experience. Thanks x

Hi Daisy

I am sorry to give you the reality again but that not how it works. MS isn’t going to be something that speedy treatment will be needed. They will tell you at your consultation either way, I had my dx dropped into the conversation like he was telling me I had tonsillitis. You are in the NHS system now so things will slow down between meetings.

The next step and the next will be appointment slot driven, ring up and ask for cancellation is the only way it will speed up. I hope you can find some peace and I think your family is half correct in what they say. I think if they had found something nasty like tumours you would have been called back by now.

I think MS is a learning disease for people like you and I who find waiting a struggle. We are a microwave generation but a slow cooking health system.

Try and rest and stop worrying everything will be ok


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The radiologists will look at every scan in date order. Then those reports get typed up, probably by the typing pool. Then the Neuro looks at them. You’ll be one of hundreds of patients that will have been scanned. Private, hospital outpatients, inpatients, those from A&E. I agree with your family. If anything “urgent” like a life threatening tumor had been noted, you most certainly would have been notified. If lesions were noticed and ms is suspected, you’ll just be notified within the system. Horrible to be just waiting. You could try writing to your Neuro expressing your fear and hope he/she responds. Mark the envelope Private & Confidential so secretary passes it on directly.

Thank you both. Sorry I’m so impatient. Yes that makes sense, that for something like a tumour I probably would have heard, but probably not for lesions. I have been told if it’s clear I’ll just be referred back to M.E clinic, that I’ll hear mri results through a letter. Keep trying to put it to the back of my mind, but so hard. I may write. Thank you x

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P.s sorry Andy that you were told in such a casual way, must have been hard x

That’s ok Daisy, Like you I was kinda hoping it was MS so the tests and worrying stopped but then relief turns to fear. I then realised this is the beginning not the end. Andyx

Yes, I understand that, the more I think about it. All the best x

I agree with other responders. There’s a procedure and it all takes time and there are half a dozen points at which it can all go awry - for instance, the secretary has just moved offices and the IT isn’t working yet; the radiologist’s nanny has broken a leg; the neurologist is attending a conference in the Philippines… You get the picture. Add into the mix that a week waiting for a scan result feels like a month, and it turns into a long day. Most of us have been there, believe me!


I feel your pain and i only had my MRI on Monday! It will be a long waiting period now until the results come, though my neuro did say he would write to me to save me from having to wait on another appointment.

Hi Alison, yes I see your point. The secretary said on Monday that my neurologist has been away for 3 weeks, so has a backlog. Just so frustrating knowing that the results are sitting there, the secretary checked. I suppose whether I find out now or in a few weeks it doesn’t make any difference in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for reply x

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Hi, yes I’m expecting a letter too. Hope you get the news you want. It is torture isn’t it. Nothing in the post today. x

3 weeks and a day ago I had my brain and full spine MRI and I got a call a couple of days ago I have an appointment for the 4th oct. x

Hi Daisy

my MRI was 5 weeks ago and I got my diagnosis yesterday. I was told it could take four weeks and my appointment letter arrived on week 4 + 1 day. I kind off wish I was still waiting!

After a positive diagnosis, it just seems the beginning. Need to have some further MRIs and some form of virus test but seems to be an interesting journey ahead

Hope you find out soon


Good morning everyone I too am waiting for MRI results and I’ve spoken to my neurologist Secretary she said if it’s a MRI for suspected tumour it would be around 2 weeks for regulation scan around 6-9 weeks. I think I had a attack that lasted around 9 days things are clearing up now so if I have ms it looks like rrms. But who knows. All the best John

All the best x

Were you told you had ms in a letter? All the best. Hope all goes well x

Thanks for reply. Looks like we could be in for a long wait then. I have been having symptoms for 20years, but only just referred to a neurologist, as was labeled with M.E in my teens. All the best x

No, had a follow up with the Neurologist and she ran through the MRI results with me.

Not sure delivering the news by letter is something they would do? Tho she did dump so much technical stuff on me it could have been preferable.

Hope you don’t have to long a wait, whilst the result wasn’t what I wanted, am glad I do know as at least some of the ambiguity has gone.


i all i am sill in a lot of pane had a mri scan but not bin told re why cud this be bin over 3 week.s now and thinking the worst