Sometimes it pays to put your foot down!

I had my MRI 8 weeks ago, and have had the prospect of MS hanging over my head since December last year. My GP had said to me that if I hadn’t heard anything by 6 weeks after the MRI - to get in touch and she would look it up. I did that yesterday (very proud of myself waiting for an extra 2 weeks!lol) and the message came back that the results had not been posted onto the system yet. I knew there had been a delay for the radiologists looking at it, but this is ridiculous. I had phoned the neuro secretary and a vague “I’ll look into it but we won’t be able to get back to you today”. So I called the neuroradiology seceretary, and put my foot down with a firm hand, I wasn’t grumpy or angry, but I told her how long I had been waiting and how upsetting it was to have waited so long. She was wonderful and very apologetic - explaining it was due to maternity leave that hadn’t been covered etc., and… She called me half an hour ago to say the results are now on the system. I hope that means that the neuro will make a decision soon, and I will know what is going on! I thought I would feel good about it, but actually, I feel like crying, don’t think. I want to find out anymore… :frowning: Leah

Totally understandable. Yes we want to know what going one, but at the same time, it’s scary. Everyone’s here for you,whatever the results xx

Good for you, Leah. It’s draining, emotionally, to wait so long for help. Whatever the results, I hope you get the help you need soon, from kind, considerate professionals :heart:

Thanks Beverly and reiki… Still feeling a bit wobbly today if I am honest, but am hopin that such a quick turnaround on the MRI means that it is clear! Trying to just focus on now and also my holiday next week… I’ll let you know if I hear anything… Leah :slight_smile: