Happy yet concerned by neuros letter today!

Well folks, some of you may be aware that I was referred to an MS nurse back in May. Then I got a letter from my neuro saying ‘sorry, I’m having to pass you over to another neuro at this other hospital as my our nurses won’t see you…’ NOOOOOOO. I wrote a letter back asking if there was a way around it as my neuro now is my third but by far the best and the most concerned and genuine I’ve had! No response… Couple of weeks later I call his secretary and she says sorry, he’s on annual leave but ill ask him.for you on his return. A few days later I get an appointment letter come through from new Neuro. Boohoo, all hope is lost. Then the next day another letter cancelling and moving the appointment. And then the next day another letter cancelling and moving the new one. By the third letter I was seriously questioning their competence. Anyway, today my dear Neuro sent me a letter saying that he has spoken to ‘various people’ (hehe) and apparently my PCT has no MS Nurse and hasnt for a while!! So he’s gonna.continue to see me and try and sort me out and in the meantime I can move my appointment of next yr with him forward if I want. Well, that’s all fine and dandy doo but I could really do with this damn nurse. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the neuro is a dude, but I really need help with bladder issues and stuff etc… although I’ve never seen a nurse. Don’t really know their purpose. Long and short of it, as we are probably all aware now that I’m a bit of an essay writer, is should I just make this appt with my neuro a bit sooner then? Or would I be wasting time?

Good morning Elle you night owl. You seem to be jumping through a number of hoops perhaps it should be made an Olympic sport. I would definitely move your appt forward. For bladder stuff I would ask to see a continence nurse Hope this helps Minxx

Oh God Mind don’t get me started, I was packing till late as we have a long weekend ahead - weddings and engagement parties etc in Nottingham. I was in bed and hubby was snoring and my bladder was feeling yuk and I thought I needed to be as tired as possible before I try and sleep, so I read and checked on here :wink: It worked! Continence nurse? For some reason I associate that with people who have the opposite issue to me! Thanks for that. I’ll bring it forward. Next May is ages away…

Oh goodness me its supposed to say! Lack of sleep! X

Don’t wait till May - you can usually self refer to a continence clinic. Alternatively, ask your GP to refer you. LOL at the essay writing comment btw :slight_smile: It’s no hardship to read when it’s written well and funny too :slight_smile: Karen x

Gish what a faff…yes as rizzo suggests an continance nurse would bea good idea and they can liaise with neuro or ms nurse if you get one…enjoyed reading your essay…!! hehe em