Just spoken to eppy nurse

She said they are still waiting for the letter from the useless waste of space that was the neurologist. She has spoke to my eppy neuro who thinks they should do an MRI once the letter has arrived so my nurse is putting the paperwork in today to set the ball rolling. Feels like I’m getting somewhere at last.

Hi Nikki,

That’s good news to hear, lets hope you don’t have to long to wait now. Keep us updated.



That’s great news Nikki, I’m so pleased for you.X

Good news xxxxxxx

Thanks. Not sure how long it will take as one of the 2 scanners broke down on Friday! It is only brain they are doing but it’s a start at least. Apparently my eppy neuro said she can’t think of any conditions that my symptoms fit with!!! I guess that’s why she’s an eppy neuro and not an ms one lol Xx