Happy with my new neuro!! Woohoo

Went to see my new neuro in a new hospital last tuesday....Dr Douglass.....he is really nice....he had no notes about me so i had start from the beginning and go through everything that has happened.....then he did the usual tests and said yes you have had a relapse....which i already knew....last neuro said i was fine and there was no change ???? now i know that she was was such a relief to here the new neuro confirm it and it wasn't all in my head...

plus he actually listened to me and it was reassuring that i felt calm instead of how i felt with old neuro....i didn't feel rushed....when he asked why i asked for a referal to his clinic i was honest and told him how angry i felt with her..

so now i'm waiting to see continence nurse and meet my ms nurse.........

i'm happy and calm and not full of dread now at thought of seeing my neuro

happy days


mandie xxxxx

Mandie what a great result, I bet that has lifted a weight from your shoulders.  I hope you get good results from the new Neuro team from now on.


BRILLIANT news happy2




Karen x

Glad to hear that you have a neuro you like and trust, makes such a difference.




Is that the neuro at Dudley Guest, Mooster? I am waiting for a referral to see him. If it is, I am really glad to hear good things about him!

Sorry to say this, but if it is the same neuro, the MS nurse that you are going to be referred to will be the same one I see. I have found her to be utterly useless. Hope she does more for you than she has for me!

Hi, that`s good news.

I`ve seen many neuros in 14 yrs, yet am still unable to find one who follows up what he said he`d do.

I hope your`s does what he says. Glad you feel calmer now.

luv POllx