Getting answers?

Hi all,

Had my first neuro appt went well!!! Unusual so i hear!

Well i went in and she was very nice, explained in breif what had been happening and i took my list of symptoms with me! She read the first page and then said hanf on i want to check your MRI you had done at the stroke centre.  She said they were no use to her after looking as the MRI of my brain only showed if there was clots and didn't show any of the grey matter? and the neck MRI they did was only of my arteries and showed NO spine on it at all! Weird but she said this sometimes happens. So she has arranged for me to have a brain and full spine MRI with contrast as soonn as she can. It has been 3 months since the onset and she said its usual to do it again anyway.

She ruled out all vit deficiencies and said that i had definately had an EVENT that has caused some swelling in my brain or C1/C2. She certain of it. So she asked if i was on meds and i said no and she said she would discuss this further at the results of my MRI appt.

All in all a very successful appt i would say.  I now glad that i not nuts and that she agress that something is going on with me. I am very shaky today and i have been getting numbness in my feet alot and the symptms have also started affecting my right leg aswell, so i said i was concenred about driving etc. She said maybe time to change car from manual to automatic? lol my husband nearly wet himself laughing ! haha but we have discussed it and it could be a possibility if it helps me!

So now its sit back and wait again! but i must admit i feel calmer knowing that i after another physical exam (and she was very thorough!) i am not imagining the symptoms, oh and i get white toes when i get in the bath and she said this was a common MS symptom ! so there you go at least i fall into a catagory ! Will keep you updated as it seems this neuro is a rare one! thanks for listening and all your support, i would have spent many days rocking backwards and forwards in a straight jacket if it wasn't for all your wonderful posts and advice!

Here's to hoping i get some tests done soon !


Lea xx



Hi Lea. I am really pleased to he ar that your first neuro app went well xx Its good that your neuro is being thorough and has ordered another mri. You must be so relieved to know she is listening to you!

My app is on 3rd July and after reading how rude and obnoxious some neuros seem to be I am relieved to hear that there are some human neuros out there too. I am seeing a woman neuro too so you have given me hope that my list will be accepted and I will be listened to. I must say though that most of the doctors I have seen (and optholmologists) have been great too.

I hope your MRI comes through really quickly and you find out what is going on with you very soon too. Good luck xx

I am glad that it all went smoothly for you.  It's a grim old business, but it is so helpful when you have someone nice to deal with.



Thanks everyone,

Feel very positive today, just hope the MRI come soon. Its with contrast to check for inflamation she says. I hopeful that it will give me some answers. Oh and pm64, good luck with yours, hope she is as nice as mine!



Hi Lea,

Glad that the appointment went well. Nice to know that someone gets a good neuro. The bit that I noticed about your post was the fact that your toes went white in the do mine! I didn't think to mention it to my neuro or GP...I just thought that it was normal...does anyone elses toes go like this in the bath...would be good to find out!


take care,


hi wendy,

haha what a pair eh, the white toes lasts for 10-15 mins or when i get out and cool down.

Yes, it would be good to see if it is a common symptom or just us?

Maybe i should make a new post out of this comment?

And i think you should mention this to your neuro as i did and it was an important symptom. She said its common and relevant so it certainly didnt hurt to mention it !

Will let you know my MRI date when it come and how it goes! 



Thanks Lea,

It would be interesting to know how many people get 'the white toes' when having a bath. I will mention it to my GP and my neuro when I see him...won't be until Nov. now.  I'm not dx yet...but have tons of strange symptoms. Hope your MRI goes well.


Hi Lea, glad you had a good appt.  Lucy

I also get white feet…I took photos of them and my neuro was very interested in them and stuck them in my notes but he didn’t tell me it was a common symptom of m.s so I was very untreated reading your post Sarah x

*interested not untreated lol…