Today's the day

HI everyone,

Well after 5 months of waiting, today i finally start on my dmd of choice - Rebif.

Spent a long time choosing it, researching it, thinking about it, playing with the rebismart, watching the dvd, waiting for the nurse to guide me through the first one and now the day is upon me. Nurse is coming at 2pm. I am finally taking control of things and doing something positive, all my own choice.

Why am i feeling so anxious and miserable about it?

Laura x

Hi Laura

Of course you will be feeling anxious and a bit miserable. I can’t imagine anyone being excited about self-injecting!

Hold on to all the positive thoughts about doing something to take control. I promise that the thought of doing it is so much worse than the deed itself. And if I am wrong you can come back and give me a virtual punch :slight_smile:

Take some paracetomol/ibuprofen at the time of injection then you can avoid any side effects. Better to take the tablets and not need them than to have a thumping head later and wish you had taken the tablets …

Best of luck

Tracey xx

Thinking of you Laura - I’m sure like Tracey said the thought of it is worse than doing it. If you need to chat then call me xxx

Thanks for your kind words ladies. Well the deed is done, and it really wasn’t that bad!

Admitidley only been a couple of hours so some side-effects may creep up on me, but the injection itself was a piece of cake! I had a small bout of hysterical laughter afterwards (alarming the nurse i’m sure!) but it was just such a relief and i was thinking to myself ‘really Laura that’s what you were freaking out about?!’

Feeling far more positive and back in control again, so i will write this mornings panic down to fear of the unkown and move onwards and upwards.

Thanks for everyones help getting me this far, really don’t think i could have done it without all the help and support i have had.

Laura xx

Hi Laura, I started on Rebif 2 months ago and was like you, anxious. I struggled at first and couldn’t self inject. My husband had to do it and even then I would stop him just as he was about to push the button! But here I am, injecting myself. I don’t even really think about it and best of all I get no side effects at all!. Good luck. I hope you get on well. Dawn xx

Way to go, Laura

Tracey xx


The day I received my first delivery of Rebif and everything that comes with it was the day reality set in for me, whereas before that I was still hoping that I’d get a call from the neuro saying they had made a mistake with the dx and it wasn’t RRMS.

My first injection on my own seemed like it took an eternity. It took me nearly 18 minutes to press the injection button on the Rebismart!!! Pathetic now but I just couldn’t press it!!!

Now the routine is easier - I take 2 painkillers 15 mins before injection time, cold pack straight from the freezer to numb the area, prepare, position, push, remove (as the meerkats from the advert say - simples).

I started Rebif in April 2013 and didn’t suffer any of the side effects the Rebif nurse warned me about - fingers crossed you don’t either.

Another bit of advise I was given - make sure you put sun cream on your injection sites - they burn and itch like a b***h if you don’t (found that out on Sunday afternoon!!!)

Take care

Pen xx

Well done Laura. I was exactly like you pre starting and when I did my first injection. I was a needle phobic but now amaze myself. I started off even laying down to do the jabs. Within a week I was sitting up. I am in my seventh week and my side effects have been minimal. The odd headache. I have site reactions but I can cope with them. Not like I want to be a naked model :wink: I don’t take any painkillers anymore unless I’m going out drinking on the night of my jab like tomorrow… And that’s only in case because I worry the alcohol might react. I make that sound like I’m on the lash… Just a bday meal with my friend and a bottle of wine or maybe two. :slight_smile: I feel fine about it and almost feel like I’m doing something proactive to try and beat this thing. It does sting I feel, more so now than it first did but its not for long and again worth it if it stops the relapses. Keep us posted on how you get on wont you? Xxxx P.s well done x

Yey, Laura. Xx