Blooming buzzing!

My feet have been gently buzzing since yesterday, very irritating. I only notice it when i’m sat at my desk or on the sofa or doing something quiet. I’m guessing it’s just a flare up of some old symptoms. Annoying though as I hadn’t really had many symptoms for a while. I have to admit though, I have had some ‘heavy’ weekends socially recently that have worn me out, along with not keeping up with my meditation regime as well as I should have. And the stress of going back to work full time after maternity leave. Not surprised the monster is making its presence known. Never mind, I’m off to a posh hotel this weekend without the kids so I plan to rest and recover.

Its a stark reminder that you have to be careful to look after yourself with this disease.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone xx

Hi i get the feet and leg buzzing all the time 247, and then tingling, vibrating, and prickling and the odd burn patch alongside the spasms and cramp. also when i am extra tired i get buzzing head. I have PPMS so it never stops 247.

I think you have overdone it, and your body is just telling you to rest down more hunny.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, but remember to rest. xxx

i get each one of those symptoms all the time.

mostly in my feet and legs.

i can’t lay claim to overdoing it.

if anything it’s all underdone!

my feet are on fire.

quite catchy if sung to the kings of leon tune.