Buzzing Anyone?

I am buzzing and it’s not cos I am high on life. Lol

I have snuck over here from the before diagnosis forum. Hope that’s okay :wink:

I am currently under investigation due to retro bulbar optic neuritis and trigeminal neuralgia but now I have started to vibrate! I get it in my feet and my groin and it feels like I have left my phone on vibrate. It’s a bit odd to explain. It does not happen all the time but I do get a period of it most days. I will buzz for a few seconds then it will stop for a few seconds and then it will start up again. This will go on for an hour or so and then stop completely. Sometimes I will get these episodes several times aday, sometimes I will go a couple of days before it starts up again.

My question is this, does anyone else buzz and also is it a bit strange to be so intermittent. I would have thought that if it was a symptom, the sensation would be there all the time.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi Angela, of course you can use this board hon.

Bit difficult to say this… so I will start by saying that I think there’s other neuro conditions that cause buzzing so this is NOT a dx of MS… but to be frank, yes. Buzzing. Vibrating. All the bloody time. For me it was on and off at first, but last few years I just buzz away all the time.

Sometimes stronger than others. Sometimes only in legs and feet. Sometimes all over… oh and on face which is not a whole load of fun.

Anyway, as I say, please don’t read this as ‘you have MS’… but it is a symptom that might be MS and you should definitely tell your neuro.

By the way, when my buzzing is bad as take it as a warning that I need to rest. Maybe you should too.

Take care… and hope that helps and doesn’t freak you out,

Pat x

Hi Pat.

Thanks for your words and kind welcome.

I promise I am not at all freaked out. MS is only a possibility, I know. Have been looking into other conditions such as migraines and the like to see if anything coincides. Although, saying that, the migraines would be silent in my case as I cannot remember the last time I had a headache. lol. The possibility of MS was introduced to me with the retro bulbar optic neuritis especially as I get Uhtoff’s sign with it too and then to top things off, I developed Trigeminal Neuralgia so am kind of half expecting it to be honest but will obviously be relieved if it is not! I didn’t want to bombard my neuro with a whole heap of silly things, but having read your comment, I will definitely mention it.

Thanks once more.

Angela x

Hi angela I have SPMS and my feet buzz in the heels only & like you it’s intermittent, starts to buzz for about 6/7 counts stops then starts again!!

Thanks Anon. I guess it is not unusual then. Have not had it since I posted so maybe it has gone for a while. Fingers crossed! Angela x

I’ve hands and feet with buzzing it’s been like this for months. They are one of 3 things so they are buzzing pins and needles or numb it mostly hits when I’m tired