stupid question

I get really sore buzzing feet. But It only happens to me when I sit down. Im finding myself standing up just to stop the feeling. Does anyone else experience this?

I get sore buzzy feet, but it is worse when I sit down and doesn’t seem to resolve itself if I stand up.

Hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

Tsuki xx

Thanks for that tsuki. Thought it was just me and it was all in my head lol

I know how that feels lol feels like all of it is in your head. Xx

I get it in the palm of my hand aswell as in my foot, but it comes and goes. It had not dawn on me it may only be when I sit down but when I think about it, it does. Once I thought it was the table buzzing and was looking underneath to see what it was. lol. all good fun. xx

I have the issue that when I wake up some mornings I find that my arms and legs are all jittery and are just literally jerking. It tends to go in a few minutes or if I’m up moving. So there is no standing still for me in the morning! lol x

Although I sorry to hear that medion im glad too as I know its all not in my head. My fingers tingle as well. Its as if I had been leaning on my arm but I havent. Im having lumbar the dreaded puncture soon so hopefully I will find out one way or the other if its ms or not

My legs and arms are jittery of a night of a morning they tend to go on me so I often get up and stumble round for a bit as it feels like my legs won’t hold me up Ax

good luck ruby32 with your LP xx

Thanks medion I really am dreading it. But ive been told its needed for a diagnosis

A lumbar puncture is not definitive for a diagnosis of MS but it can aid with a diagnosis. In many cases MRI is sufficient on its own to give a clear diagnosis of MS.

Thanks blossom. My mri came bqck with a few white spots. It was was inconclusive. Thats why he wants a lumbar puncture. I really dont want to get it done

I see…just wasn’t sure if you realised. I’ve had a lumbar puncture…nothing to worry about. The doc gave me a local in my spine so no pain. They had me lying down for a couple of hours after. Some people get headaches and say drinking cola and coffee helps. All the best, Noreen

Thanks for that noreen. Ho long does it take for the redults to come through

I got mine at my six week neuro appointment along with an MRI I’d had You’ll have to be patient Lol x

Its all a waiting game

I’m afraid it is a waiting game Ruby. I hope your coping with it ok and getting plenty of support. Have you had a spinal MRI? I have problems with gait/balance and incontinence which neuro says is to do with spinal lesions. Take care, Noreen

Hi blossom Yes I have had a brian and spinal mri the out come was nothing significant apart from the white spots. Although I havent spoken to the neuro his secretary just passed the info on. I presume thats the reason for the lp. Although im having these sensations(lhermittes and weaknesses in arms and legs and buzzing feet) im still thinking a trapped nerve is responsible. No doubt time will tell

Yes Ruby your right, time will tell. All the best to you, I hope everything turns out ok. Noreen