Buzzing legs

Hi, haven’t posted in a few months, have been getting on with things. Today i had finally had enough of my legs constantly buzzing/fizzing, plus ive had months of muscle twitching and pins and needles on and off in my foot and leg.
Off to GP, dx fasciculation syndrome, fair enough but when i asked about the buzzing I was told, who knows? Not sure what that could be :thinking: just one of those things.
I had a spinal mri before (for something unrelated) and because it was clear theres nothing to more to say, i asked about my brain? Answer: Why would it need looked at as the spinal mri was clear?
So ive been sent away to live with constant buzzing legs, not even my b12 checked, no examination, nothing, just have a great day.

A question; can a spinal be clear and brain scan not? I am being told that a spinal covers the brain area? Surely not or why would they have brain scans separate?

The buzzing is driving me round the bend, worse if ive been active or tired.

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My understanding is lesions can be in both areas, but not necessarily at the same time. I’m sure there are plenty of people on here who have been diagnosed with lesions in one area, but not the other.

Also sounds like your Spinal MRI was some time ago (pre symptoms?), so surprised that is being used to aid diagnosis?

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You can have lesions in one area and not the other. A scan of the brain would seem like a logical step and also a revisit of the spine as things can change. I also have the buzzing I call it internal vibrations it’s frustrating especially at night!


If you haven’t already seen one/been referred - Get a referral to a Neurologist, buzzing sensations are usually neurological, and you would need to see a Neurologist to get to the bottom of it.

I have had tingling/pins and needles throughout the left side of myself, arm, leg, torso which is definitely neurological. I am on a combination of Gabapentin and Amitriptyline to control the tingling. I get buzzing from time to time, usually when I have over done things/exercised too much.

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That’s exactly when I feel the buzzing most when I’ve overdone things, lots of walking, working. I get it gently, I’d say, daily, but it really takes off when I’ve been busy. I also feel it now albeit slightly in my arms, i feel if i was to hold my hand out it would be shaking all over the place but of course it doesn’t as its an internal sensation.
Interestingly, i was recently offered gabapentine, i can’t take amitriptyline, but i declined as i want to get to the bottom of things before i take something to make it ‘go away’

If I were in your shoes I’d also want a second opinion. Is it possible to see a different GP at the surgery? Perhaps you could just say the problem is “still ongoing” and once again spell out your concerns about the cause. It would help if a GP could see it was in his/her interest to refer you and not risk missing something.
Ideally they’d refer you for a brain MRI and then on to a neurologist if need be, I think. Otherwise if you go straight to the neuro, you could wait for months only to be told “hm, interesting - needs a brain MRI” and then you have to wait again…
Did your original GP consider diabetes? I’ve heard that can also cause pins and needles. If you look up “NHS peripheral neuropathy” there is an NHS website that lists possible causes of strange sensations.

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I did say and have been saying, i wont be gaslit, im going back for a 2nd opinion, but of course i feel so dishearten, i just dont bother, i feel like its not being taken seriously.
Interesting you say about diabetes, i had asked for blood tests and they were declined, not needed as it was just fasciculations and the buzzing. Well, “who knows” was the answer. I had thought run some tests the easiest option, maybe low vit D or B12, and how simple that would be to rectify.
I need to go back. I would get anxious around drs and to be honest because of that I rarely go near them, im talking once every couple of years i might need an appointment and its usually because ive avoided for so long i have no choice but to go, its not like im there every week, yet they make you feel like a hypochondriac.

Well it is exhausting. I’m not surprised you feel like giving up: You overcame your anxiety, went to see someone, and after all that they weren’t helpful. What a let down.
But not all GPs are dismissive. It can take a bit of trial and error before you find someone you trust. Once you have experience of seeing a more helpful doctor, your anxiety might lessen.
If you find appointments hard, you could make a few notes to take with you before you go in. Or maybe take someone you trust along with you, if that’s an option?

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Thank you, i do find it difficult but always hope that with my thin file and rarity of needing a GP would suggest that i dont go around imaging symptoms. I will only ever go when im desperate, have tried to manage myself and then need a professional opinion.
I feel they see me anxious and think im bringing the symptoms on.