I have only just joined, but have a few (stupid) questions if that’s ok.

I haven’t been diagnosed, yet, but still have a few tests to go through before it is confirmed.

Does anyone else have problems with their feet? Mine always seem to be cold and change colour frequently. Sometimes they are really pale, then in an instant they can be almost navy blue!

I continually have tingling in my legs (which is really distracting) and they almost feel like they are ‘buzzing’???

I have also noticed that I have started struggling with words. They are in my head, but I can’t get them out?

And while typing this, I have made loads of errors which have had to be corrected. I trained as a typist many years ago so should know the keyboard inside out. I keep hitting the wrong keys even though I think my fingers are in the right position??

Sorry if the questions are dumb, but I just worry about all these little things I am experiencing.

hi kimmy

the tingling and buzzing legs can be explained by thinking of your nerves as a frayed electrical cord because of the myelin damage.

it works intermittently.

it also helps explain the delay with word finding.

doesn’t cure it but if a member of my family pulls me up for being slow on the uptake, i just say that it’s because i have scars on my brain.

my feet are always burning hot!

anyway see if you can get hold of the booklet “relapsing remitting ms” from the ms society.

it is written clearly with diagrams.

carole x

Hi Kimmy,

No question is stupid, that’s what this site is for. We all help each other.

Yes I get buzzing, pins and needles over all my body.

One foot can be cold, the other hot. They can feel cold but to the touch they’re warm.

As you don’t have a diagnosis then it could just be a nerve problem.

I take amitriptylene to help me go to sleep because of the annoying buzzing.

Keep well.

Jen x

Hi Kimmy, I too have problems with my feet, numb and always cold. Buzzing all over body some days. I too touch type and find I too know where the keys are but press the wrong keys sometimes. Speaking to people is even worse as I really have to plan what I say or I get my words mixed up. Happy days :slight_smile:

Hi Kimmy

You say you’ve not been officially diagnosed as yet. Don’t forget that there are other diseases which present almost exactly like MS, but are not.

But, assuming it is definitely MS, then yes, odd temperature and colour changes in feet are pretty common. I often have one bright red boiling hot foot while the other is blue and freezing cold.

Your other problems could also be attributed to MS.

But, what tests are you waiting for? Has a neurologist told you that they believe it’s MS? Before you start to directly decide that your symptoms are due to MS, you should wait to have it diagnosed definitively.


Hi Kimmy
Like Jen said - there are no stupid questions.
Now and again, there may be a stupid answer, but someone else will soon correct that.

Ask away - and there will usually be several people who can help answer it.


Hi Kimmy,

I’ve joined recently too, after having had ms for six years or so I thought it was about time! I think it is the best place to come when you start having symptoms or experiences … which do seem to be classic ms. Saying that, when you go in and out of hospital regularly for appointments and physio etc, you do meet people with all manner of illnesses, lots I’d never heard of, and it’s surprising how many symptoms and side effects they can have in common. So, as Jen says, it could also be a nerve problem … which can still be nasty, as anything nerve related seems to be.

I’ve just noticed that Carole is thinking more towards relapsing remitting ms, mine is ppms although I’m sure, despite them being totally different, there are still many similarities. I seem to remember some early buzzing sensation in my feet, but most of my early realisation that something was badly wrong, was when my legs and feet slowly stopped functioning - dragging when walking and unable to turn the pedals to cycle. Now it’s a bit like I’m lugging a bucket of ice round on each foot - I say ‘lugging’, but that’s only when transferring, as wheelchair bound the rest of the time! Surprisingly, I’ve not had many off the colour changes you describe. I remember my mum’s feet turning a dark purple though and were always twice their normal size … so maybe that’s a ppms thing which develops later.

This has taken me ages to write. You’re writing and all the replies are well written, & the fact that you’ve spotted and corrected any errors is a good thing. I can understand your worries though. I’ve gone from two finger typing to about one and a half … I do manage the odd letter with the right hand finger but often slip, and then the whole arm lands on the keyboard! It amazes me how anyone can type using all the fingers!

sorry I’ve gone on about me a lot but just trying to compare & I hope the tests give you some answers at least

Bolan it is good to hear how we are all different but sometimes do have similar symptoms. Thank you.

Thanks guzlover. you know how it is when you think too much? … after I’d sent the reply to Kimmy, I did wonder whether it was ok to join a conversation about new and early diagnosis when I’m many years in, so to speak!