Trouble below. Women's stuff!

Sorry for the anon, a little embarrassed.

Every so often I experience this wierd feeling like something is stuck up my bum, and my back passage seems to contracting mildly, it feels strange and like its ‘full’ but I don’t need to go. I’ve been checked and theres nothing there! Well now my vagina is feeling similar, full, (not my bladder) and is doing the same. Its uncomfortable to sit. Not painfull, just odd. It’s now come to light that I am not able to feel an internal orgasm. I don’t seem to be able to squeeze my internal muscles much either if I try. I’ve always been good on keeping up my pelvic floor exercises after two whopping great babies!

A couple of weeks back I had an internal exam as I was/am having problems with my waterworks. No lumps/bumps were found and wee test clear. Blood tests all ok too. Its like tiny,involuntary squirts of wee, again no warning and not that horrible feeling of urgency, and no bladder sensation telling me I need to go. More like a little urethral spasm.

I’m on HRT for an early (surgical) menopause.

I’m fairly recently diagnosed, but not on dmd’s, and not sure what, if anything, I can or should do!

I’ve also got incredibly itchy soles of my feet! No rash, dry skin etc.

Does this sound like a relapse, wouldn’t the blood test have shown up inflamation or something if it was?


Hi Anon Your going through exactly the same as me in the nether regions but mines there all the time and I’ve been like this since 8th January this year :frowning: like you I’ve had internals etc etc but nothing. It has to be one of the most weirdest symtoms ever I really do sympathise with you Hope you get some relief from it soon Sue x

Thanks for replying.

Sue, its a horrible thing, some new kind of torture! Hope it clears up for us both - its driving me mad! xx

Hi Anon,

Abnormal sensation or function in the pelvic area are common for both men and women with MS. If this is a new symptom for you, then yes, I’m sorry to say it’s probably a relapse. Relapses can’t be detected by blood tests - any more than MS itself. They are most commonly diagnosed purely by symptoms, but where is doubt, can sometimes be confirmed by an MRI with contrast, which should show any areas of current inflammation. This is not usually necessary though - most people are not packed off for a new MRI every time they have a suspected relapse. Occasionally it will be used to assess the extent of the damage, to see if the person may be eligible for a more powerful DMD, but it’s not a routine thing.


Hi again Anon Yes deffinatley torture the thing I hate most is knowing (thank goodness) that I want a number 2 but not feeling I’ve done one - very strange :frowning: Sue x

Hi, maybe it is spasms. I get them in my front bottom now, following an spc op…as stools pass, they press on my balloon filled bladder and the spasms are horrible. It makes me wee the normal way too. I also get a strange feeling in my hands as the spasms pass.

I dont know about relapses though, sorry.


hi anon

have you been seen at a bladder and bowel clinic?

they are brilliant and explain things so clearly.

who would have known that 2 sets of muscles are used to do a number 2?

speak to your ms nurse and get referred to bladder & bowel clinic

its like being in a sci fi film isnt it?

carole x